As the leading supplier of hair replacement products, we can provide any base style for hair replacement systems: lace base, mono base, thin skin base, integration piece ect.

Today, we’ll introduce the thin skin base.

1. Ultra thin skin V-looped hair toupee:

The skin is only 0.03mm; so thin then you can’t feel it. When worn, no one can see it’s a toupee. Also rather than knots it uses the V-loop hair process. The result is an undetectable, very natural appearance.

2. Thin skin V-looped hair piece:

The skin is 0.06mm-0.08mm. This system combines a natural appearance with a skin more durable than the ultra thin skin. It uses V-looped hair and is also able to change the hair direction.

3. Silicone injected hair system :

The silicone skin is around 0.2mm-0.25mm. This system uses injected hair, no knots or lops. The hair can be lifted very well and the crown is very natural. This is a durable system and can last a longer time.