Lace base, Fine mono and Fine welded mono are the three most popular mesh materials for mens  toupee hair pieces. Do you feel confused when choosing knot type on these mesh materials? Toupeec guides you to the right knot:



Lace base: as the hole size of lace base is larger than fine mono hole and fine welded single hole, double split knots should be used. We only use a single split knots on the front 1/4″ to make the hairline look natural. If a single reverse split knots  are used in the whole process, the hair toupee is prone to hair loss due to the loose knot. There's no need to worry about the bigger knot due to the double split knots. Bleached knots help make knots invisible and create a very natural look.



Fine mono: Both single split knots and double split knots can be used. When the hair density is less than medium and more synthetic fibers are mixed, we can use split knots. Otherwise, double split knots are better because they are stronger and have better hair orientation.




Fine welded mono: same as fine mono. Both single split knots and double split knots can be used. However, it is recommended to use double reverse split knots, especially when the hair type is human hair and the hair density is greater than medium light. Of course, because the double split knots is stronger than the single split knot, and the direction of the hair is better.