Toupeec offers two similar lace hair systems: French lace and Swiss lace.


French lace is often used in hair.


It's breathable and durable. The highest hair density of French lace is medium weight (140%). French lace is fleshy and can be dyed light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. We can also use bleach knots. We have an all French lace underhair system in stock, bleached knots everywhere. We can also do different basic designs with French lace on the front or middle. No matter what basic design you need, we can provide it for you.


Swiss lace is softer and more delicate than French lace.


The normal wear time is only 1-2 months. It has the same color as French lace. The highest density of Swiss lace is medium brightness and bleached knots are available. I suggest that customers choose French lace rather than Swiss lace because French lace is more durable and can withstand higher density than Swiss lace.