Many people want to buy, but few people know how to correctly wear a toupee with long or short hair. Perhaps this is why Google searches for search terms such as "how to wear a toupee with long hair", "how to wear a toupee" and "how to wear a hair system". Although there is no content to answer how to put on toupee or the content of the hair system, there are few quality guidelines. That's why our team of hair experts wrote this detailed guide to learn how to put on toupee correctly and fix the hair system in the right way.

How to wear a hair system or toupee like a boss

Step 1: You should design the area above your head to create a smooth surface (cut off all the hair), and then paste the adhesive here.


Step 2: Adhesive (glue or tape) is applied to the scalp and skin / Or a toupee hair pieces. (all our adhesives are certified, non-toxic, anti allergic and harmless to the skin)


Step 3: First gently press the tip of the system to the center of the forehead, and then slowly continue to press the system in a gradual roll back manner, ensuring that both sides of the system are even until they are completely fixed to the back , covering the entire shaving area.


Let us familiarize ourselves with other points to keep in mind when buying non-surgical hair care products online:


Always prefer quality: When buying toupee, quality should be the top priority. Toupees of substandard quality are easy to spot and wear out quickly. Always buy toupee and hair replacement systems from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Well-known brands are known for providing high-quality hair systems at outstanding prices.


Pursue nature: Most women prefer front lace or full top toupee, they are more natural and make you feel more comfortable. The fact that these toupees create very natural hairlines make them very popular among men and women of all ages.


Easy return: Please find the easy return policy before purchasing. If you receive a wrong or damaged product, the return policy allows you to replace the product from the supplier.


Know the scalp: If the scalp is sensitive, Toupeec recommends always wearing a toupee cap before wearing the toupee. The toupee cap protects your hair and prevents your hair from sticking out of the toupee.


Choose human hair: Always choose a complete human hair toupee instead of artificial toupee. They look more natural, and you can blend your natural hair with them.


Buy hair system and toupee with money back guarantee


For many years, Toupeec has been producing and providing high-quality mens hairpieces, toupees and hair replacement systems for more than 180 countries/regions. With high-quality hair system, first-class after-sales service and very competitive price, we have become one of the leading hair system brands in the industry.



Not sure which hair loss system is best for you? Still not sure how to properly wear toupee for long or short hair? Share your questions with Toupeec to get some friendly suggestions.