According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 28% of men with hair loss notice the first signs at the age of 20. No wonder so many people search for "how to buy toupee online" on Google. Buying high-quality toupee and system online is the easiest way to solve hair loss, but choosing the right toupee or hair system is not an easy task.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of hair systems and toupees, we want to simplify the process of purchasing toupees and hair systems online. This is why we took the time to develop this detailed guide. 

Keep reading to get the best toupee and hair system buying tips, ideas and instructions:

How to buy toupee online

The process of buying toupee online seems simple. All you have to do is visit the online store and click the "Buy" button. However, there are many technical aspects related to the purchase of toupee that need to be clarified. The following are the most important details you need to know before buying toupee online:

Find out your hat size

Before thinking about "how to buy toupee online", please think about "what is the size of my hat". The size of your hat depends on your head circumference. Take some tape measures and measure the head circumference from the front hairline to behind the ears. complete? Move to the back of the neck and the other ear. From there, go to your front hairline. In short, you need to measure the entire head area where the toupee is located. When doing this, it is best to do it with the help of a friend so that you can take the measurement correctly. 

This color or that?

Although some toupees are worn for fashion purposes, others buy them to repair the hairline. For whatever reason, color should be considered early in the toupee buying process. If your goal is to make toupee part of natural hair, it is best to sample directly from your own hair. Using the hair color chart for selection is also a good way to get the desired color. 


Choose toupee material

In the past two decades, toupee manufacturers have made tremendous progress in variety, quality and safety. Human hair toupee and synthetic toupee are the two most important toupee types on the market. Human hair is perfect for its versatility and naturalness, while man-made toupee is always available. Therefore, before buying toupee online, natural or synthetic fiber is a very basic question to answer.

Comfortable to wear

When buying toupee, comfort and breathability are still the biggest factors. Lace or single-shot toupee is very suitable for people living in hot or humid areas. If comfort is your top priority, there is nothing better than a Swiss lace toupee. In short, your choice of toupee depends to a large extent on your own requirements. Therefore, in addition to asking "how to buy toupee online", you should also ask "what do I really want."

Hair density and texture

Hair density is crucial for toupee and hair system buyers. Some people want to keep the density of their hair similar to that of natural hair to help their hair system not detect it. However, the details will also vary according to style selection and personal information. Most top hair system manufacturers also provide styling service options to ensure that customers get the perfect toupee.

Toupee accessories

Toupee is the final product, but to get a perfect look, certain hair accessories are needed. Tapes, adhesives and other equipment will indeed change the performance of toupee over time. Therefore, please make sure you choose ordinary toupee or custom toupee that comes with high-quality toupee accessories.


We have covered all the points about "how to buy toupee online", but there is still the question of "how much?" Look for a stock and custom toupee supplier that can not only provide the highest quality toupee, but also provide great discounts and promotions.

Therefore, these are the points to consider when deciding which toupee to buy. Now, let us focus on the actual process of purchasing a hair system online.


How to buy a hair system

Before explaining how to buy a hair system online, let us quickly emphasize how the hair system is different from ordinary toupee, and why men and women who are struggling with hair loss prefer them.

Introduction and advantages of hair system

The hair system is basically toupee, but designed from the ground up to provide a highly personalized experience. The hair system exceeds the standard toupee in all aspects and provides a very natural look. This is why the hair system is becoming more and more popular and quickly becoming the first choice for men who break free of their hair.

Back to the question of "how to buy a hair system", the following are the most important points, which have been explained above:

-Naturally attractive or durable
-Breathability and comfort
-Hair quality and texture

Read the blog we wrote earlier, where we explained all the above points in more detail.

Now that we have introduced the most critical steps to select and purchase toupee/hair system, let us concentrate on purchasing from the ever-growing stock toupee database, customized toupee database and high-quality hair replacement system.

How to buy toupee and hair system from Toupeec

At Toupeec, we have worked tirelessly to simplify the process of purchasing toupee and hair replacement systems. In just four simple steps, you can order a high-quality toupee or hair system and gain confidence from a complete hair. The following are the brief steps:

Browse our huge inventory of toupee and hair system catalogs. We will help you choose the best option to solve your hair problem.

Use our online order form to provide detailed information, which will help us make/recommend a hair system that meets all your needs.

Are you satisfied with your stock or customized hairdressing products? Continue to process payment. You can pay with Paypal and major credit/debit cards.

Within 24 hours after confirmation, all hairpieces and hair system inventory orders sent to Toupeec will be sent out, and your brand new hair system will arrive at you within a few days without paying additional shipping costs.


Buy from a global hair system supplier

There are hundreds of online marketplaces that can answer questions about "how to buy toupee online", but few can bring high-quality products, exchange policies, unparalleled support and unparalleled price promises. This is why Toupeec has become popular as a leading manufacturer and supplier of hair replacement systems.