Toupeec has 4 different types of mens toupee hair replacement systems, namely lace hair system, skin hair system, single hair system and silk hair system. Each of them has its own unique function. You may be confused as to which one to choose from. We will focus on the solution to this problem.


Mono and Silk Hair System


Toupee hair is not only a daily necessity for bald people, but also a fashion factor. There are many different toupee hairs. How to choose toupee hair that suits your hairstyle? That depends on the shape of your face. The shape of your face is one of the most important factors in which hairstyle you want to keep. The right hairstyle can help people show their facial charm.


Before choosing the right toupee hair from different types of hair replacement systems, you need to make sure that the hair style in this hair combination is suitable. You need to have all types of basic knowledge to get the right product you need. For single hair systems, if the roots are too large, you can cut as many roots as you need to get a suitable hairstyle.


For silk hair systems, if the base is too large, you can only cut a little to make some adjustments. Since there are 3 layers, the surrounding polygons hide the 3 layers together. If you cut off the polygon, the system will no longer be usable. If you are not satisfied with the hairstyle of the silk hair system, it is recommended that you do not use it. Because you can't trim it to the desired hairstyle.


For people with round faces, the tip for them is to choose a toupee hair with their own personal style. The following styles can be considered: undercut, artificial eagle, edge rise, etc. The balance of hair length requires special attention to people with longer faces. Suitable hairstyles for them are Side-Parted, Buzz Cut, Side Fringe and Fringe Up.


If your face is diamond, you should avoid using a much shorter hairstyle. You can choose from the following options: "Push back long hair", "Fake Eagle", "Side Edge" and so on. If you have a heart-shaped face, medium-length hair is suitable for you. You can choose from the following 4 styles: "Push Back", "Side Split", "Side Edge" and "Undercut".


Lace and skin hair system


Lace hair system and skin hair system are very popular in our company. They have their own characteristics and advantages. First, the replacement period for the lace hair system is 2-3 months, while the replacement period for the skin hair system is 1-3 months. If you want to maintain a longer application life cycle at the same price level, you can choose the latter.


Secondly, the outstanding feature of the lace hair system is light and breathable, while the skin hair system is more natural and vivid, with lower air permeability. Third, for the lace hair system, tie the hair to the base while injecting it into the base of the skin hair system. Fourth, the maximum hair length for lace makeup is 6 inches, and there is no limit for leather makeup.


How to wear it?


For all 4 different types of hair replacement systems, six steps are required to wear them. First, shave the hair on the top of the head. Second, trim the rest of the hair. Third, wash your scalp. Fourth, cut the base to match the size of the scalp. 5. Apply liquid adhesive on the front hairline. Sixth, make the perfect hairstyle.


What do we need to pay attention to?


Try not to get close to high temperature areas. Toupee hair is not resistant to high temperatures due to the material it is made of. When cleaning toupee hair, you can use cold or warm water instead of hot water. And it can be washed with ordinary shampoo once a month. Do not use a hair dryer to blow the toupee hair, but use a towel to drain the water.


Don't dye toupee. If you want to change the style of toupee hair​​, just ask the hairdresser to do it for you, because you may ruin it in an unprofessional cut. There is no need to use a comb to organize the toupee hair, and you can manually organize the roll. A small amount of hair loss during tidying up and wearing is normal. After wearing it, put it in its original packaging.


Toupeec is an online toupee shop that sells various types of hair replacement systems. Toupeec provide non surgical hair replacement products are of high quality. You can buy what you want.