How much do mens toupee cost? If you are interested in buying mens toupee, this is the first question you think of. Here, we will provide you with some ideas about toupee purchase. There are many different types of toupee hair systems, and the cost varies from type to type. Here, we want to give you some examples of the most popular toupee for men.


Full lace hair toupee for men


The lace toupee is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a lace base. The base of the all-lace toupee is entirely made of lace. This makes looking at your head naturally and without a hairline. Full lace toupee can bring breathability. It is the most popular commodity in the toupee industry.


If you want to buy a full lace toupee for men, the background color and hair type are the main factors affecting its cost. If you buy a full lace toupee with real hair, the cost may be as high as US$800-1000, which is very expensive. The longer the hair, the higher the price of toupee. Since it is made of delicate materials, the service life may not be very long. Many stars choose it because it looks great on stage.


It may not be the product we want to buy. For ordinary wearers, we recommend that they try a full lace toupee with mixed hair. The full lace toupee hair system is made of a mixture of human hair and artificial hair, which is hand-banded or machine-sewn. And the price of this mixed hair is about $239-$359, which is enough to accommodate any hairstyle.


How much does it cost to match men’s hair bundles with poly base?


The poly bottom toupee is made entirely of polyurethane. Compared with lace toupee such as full lace or lace front toupee, it is more durable. It is a long-term use toupee, not so comfortable and poorly breathable. Therefore, for some daily wearers, this may not be their first choice, because they do not want to bear the daily uncomfortable wearing.


The polymer used in the poly-fat system makes it very durable. If you are looking for a toupee made from a mixture of polymers and other martial arts base materials, it is more comfortable than a fully poly-based toupee. The cost of this type is about $220, all of which are related to the base price. Hair is no big deal.


Of course, no matter what the basis is, if you prefer human hair, the cost will always be higher. You can buy real hairspray base toupee online at a discounted price of around US$800. For fake natural-looking hair, the price is about $250, depending on how the knot is tied.


Men toupee online


There are many things to learn when buying a toupee for men. You can buy them online or in a local store near you. Sometimes, you may worry that the toupee sold online is not as good as they claim to be. Here, we will let you know how to choose the toupee hair that suits you.


First, you can lock in some online shopping platforms for mens toupee. In addition to Amazon and other large retailers, there are also some small, individual and professional toupee producers online. The price you buy from them may be cheaper than the price you buy from a retailer because they are factory direct.


Toupeec is one of the most experienced platforms for selling hair toupee for men. In Toupeec,how much does a mens toupee hair cost? You can visit You can see the price of various mens toupee. If you are interested in buying one or two toupees, you can click on the picture to see the cost on the right.


In Toupeec, mens toupees are reasonably priced, ranging from $129-$500. The quality and texture of the hair is worth buying. We have poly skin toupee, lace toupee, and even PU base toupee sold online. Provide a variety of hair color options, the color can be very unique or safe.


If you are interested in custom toupee for men, you can send an email or consult us, we will quote a very reasonable price according to your needs.