Millions of people wear toupees, and as you would expect, most people are worried about whether their toupee or hair system looks real or not. Toupee wearers are clearly looking for techniques to further enhance the natural and realistic appearance of their hair systems. That's why we decided to come up with a list of these tips and ideas, which can not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your toupee, but also make the toupee look more natural and real on the front, back and other places!


Trim your toupee carefully

Unless you have customized the toupee according to your style and preferences, the toupee you just purchased may not be tailored correctly. Therefore, it is usually necessary to further cut and shape to make the toupee have a more natural and realistic appearance.


Therefore, please visit your local hair stylist to make the toupee cut off the excess hair around. The toupee carefully decorated by professional stylist will definitely make your toupee look more real on the front and back. If you don't want to go to a hair stylist after buying toupee, you can go to a toupee or hair system supplier that provides toupee service.


Use a wide tooth comb

In order to make toupee look more natural and realistic, please do not choose "any random comb" for modification. Use a high-quality wide-tooth comb to shape the toupee. Always remember to slowly remove the tangles to better protect the toupee and prolong its service life.


Considering that the wide tooth comb can reduce the tension on the hair, it is very suitable for use on toupee. The correct choice of comb is the key to make toupee look more natural and real on the front.


Use excellent toupee styling products

Another effective technique to make toupee look more natural and authentic is to use natural toupee styling products. Since all hairdressing products cannot be used safely in toupee, please be sure to check the ingredients of your hairdressing products before purchasing.


Invest in hair care products that provide UV protection because they not only protect toupee from dangerous UV rays, but also help your toupee look more realistic.


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Color toupee, natural makeup

This idea is especially important for synthetic lace front toupees that are not made of 100% human hair. As we all know, if lace toupee has bleached knots on the front, they will definitely look more natural and lifelike. Applying dye on the lace toupee to match your skin tone will make the lace toupee almost imperceptible and further improve the natural appearance of the toupee.


Use a fabric dye close to the tone of your skin and dip a Q-tip into the dye. Apply the dye wherever the lace will be visible, like around the hairline and at the front.

Artificial toupee made of plastic fibers is notorious for being too bright. When exposed to certain light, they become even brighter. There are many ways to remove the luster of toupee and make toupee look more natural and real.


To eliminate shine, use a mixture of half a cup of distilled water and two cups of apple cider vinegar. Immerse the artificial toupee in the mixture for 10 minutes. Wash the toupee with cold water and let it dry naturally. When finished, the toupee will look less shiny than before. This is the most common way to make man-made toupees more natural and realistic.


Utilize anti-wear products


The major purpose of anti-fray products is to prevent the lace from excessive fraying. The initial step is to trim the lace to the hairline. Put some fray block on a Q-tip and slowly and gently apply the anti-fray product around the entire edge of the lace.


It is strongly recommended that you use the wear block on the lace front toupee the first time you wear the lace front toupee, and then use it again every four weeks to achieve a more natural and realistic look.


Note-Avoid using too many wear blocks on the lace, as it will dry out easily.


More tips for more natural toupee


• Choose a toupee with a single open knot on the front. This will make the toupee look more natural because it looks like real hair growing directly from the scalp.

• To get an amazing natural hairline, try using glue on the front end. If the hair density is very light, the tape is easy to see.

• To get a backless hairstyle, try pressing the hair forward from the roots. Then comb it back so that the hairline is slightly covered by the hair.


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