How to wear lace hair system? How to wear a natural lace front hair system?


I'm now showing you how to wear the lace hair system.

There are four steps to follow:


1. Wrap the sides and back with hair bands.


Place a piece of tape about 1 / 2 inch behind the intersection of the front hairline and the side. The area before this point will be retained to allow the glue to form a natural hairline. Then continue to place the tape along the sides and back.


2. Mark the hairline with an easy to wash pen.


Start at the back and put on the lace hair pieces. Mark the hairline and you can use it.

Easy to wash pen. Mark the front and middle, then 1 inch apart from the other mark, continue to mark, at least 7-8 marks.


3. Brush a thin layer of glue.


Fold the front lace back and forth. Mark the brush with a thin layer of glue. Don't apply too much glue. Start from the back with your fingers and gently wipe the glue along the biological hairline to smooth the glue and remove the excess glue.


4. Attach the front edge of the lace.


Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry before sticking the lace face to the scalp. Then put the lace down and press it with the tip of your finger to make it stick firmly to the scalp.