How to distinguish synthetic wigs from human hair toupees?


Synthetic wigs are made of chemical fiber material by machine.

The permeability of the intranet is very poor. After wearing it for a while, the hair will become hairy. You can't change your hairstyle. You can only fix one. Also, hair can't be washed often. The synthetic wig cap, which is usually fixed, cannot be replaced. As a result, it is difficult to buy a finished wig that fits your size perfectly.


However,human hair toupees are all made of 100% human hair woven by professional technicians.

All basic materials are imported from Korea, Switzerland, Germany and other developed countries.Toupee wigs have excellent permeability. The top of the head and the parting area are very much like the real scalp. The biggest feature is that it can be made according to the customer's requirements.


The toupee hair piece is very strong and firm, without any wind and rain effect and various outdoor activities. It can be cleaned, cut, permed, dyed and shaped at will. It is exactly the same as human hair except that it is not too long. Its service life is up to 3-5 years