Most customers usually like 100% human hair wigs or hairpieces, but some customers may also want to order synthetic hair wigs or hairpieces. We use Kanekalon for synthetic hair. Kanekalon is the best synthetic hair for toupees and wigs. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic hair?




Synthetic hair will not fade and cannot be dyed.



Synthetic hair has many colors, such as human hair, but it can't be dyed in color. The color of the hair doesn't fade. The color will always remain the same. That's why some customers prefer synthetic hair over human hair.




It's very good to dye white hair with synthetic hair. Human white hair is easy to turn yellow after a long time, and synthetic white hair will keep good color. If a hair toupee or hair wig is synthetic with human hair as the base color, it is synthetic. You can dye the base color, but the synthetic color will not be dyed.




Synthetic wigs should not be used with bleached knots.



French lace, Swiss lace or welded mono hair systems can be made from bleached knots. Some customers asked us to tie a bleached knot on the base. But please note that bleached knots can only be used on human hair. Unfortunately, if your hair is synthetic, you can't bleach knots because synthetic fibers can't be dyed or bleached.




The knot of synthetic hair will be very good.



As you know, we can make single and double knots. A single knot is a small knot, but it is not strong. Double knots have larger knots, but are strong. For human hair, such as French lace, we need to make two knots, otherwise, the knot is easy to fall off and cause hair loss. But synthetic hair can be made with single knots, because synthetic hair is not as smooth as human hair, and it is not easy to spread knots. A single knot is enough to make synthetic hair strong.




Kanekalon's synthetic hair keeps wavy and curly, but it can't resist high temperature like human hair. Therefore, please don't perm your hair at the same high temperature as human hair. Do not blow with high temperature.




Synthetic hair can also be made into high quality hair products.