Do you wear full lace or lace front hair system every day or every few days?

Is the lace hairpiece retained for less than 1 week at a time when removed? If so, do you know what you should pay attention to when you wear it every day? Toupeec will introduce you.


1. Most important.

It's about thoroughly cleaning the scalp and preparing it properly. It can Help build strong connections.


2. Do not choose white toupee tape, but choose blue toupee tape.

There is not enough space for all the mesh material to be fixed with toupee tape. Therefore,toupees need more sacks. Blue toupee tape is like this.


3. When removing the hairpiece from the head, apply the toupee tape to the bottom of the toupee base instead of the scalp.


4. If the hairpiece is removed for cleaning, spray some makeup remover on the hair piece.

This will help you remove the hairpieces more easily. However, do not use this liquid if you do not want to clean your hair piece.


5. If you don't want to tear off the toupee tape every time, you can reactivate the tape by applying a thin layer of hairpiece adhesive.