Wearing a men's short hair system is a bit tricky, because you always have to make sure that the hair replacement system blends perfectly with your own hair. There are some factors that can cause a clear and embarrassing contrast between the top hat and existing hair. Here are some tips to avoid it.



Cut your own hair



When you start to wear a hair replacement system, you must understand that there are two different structures on your head. Having your own hair will grow permanently and be nourished by hair follicles, while the hair of the hair replacement system will not grow naturally, nor will it be affected by any biological mechanism. This triggers the need to take different care of each system to ensure that they belong to each other seamlessly.



A mistake made by some hair replacement system wearers is that they fail to cut off their natural hair in time, resulting in a clear contrast between the hair replacement system and natural hair. In other words, if you let your hair grow longer than the hair replacement system, it will make your men's short hair system look awkward. To prevent this shameful situation from happening, make sure that your hair is always the same length as the hair on the top of your head. Although you can cut your hair individually, it is better to have a stylist cut it for you, which is more precise.



Never mess up your hair



Regularly combing the hair helps make the existing hair and the hair replacement system face the same direction and look like one. Keeping your hair fluffy and messy will expose the boundary between the hair replacement system and your natural hair, and if others see it, it will make you blush in shame. This is why you should never let your hair replacement system stand upright. Better yet, keep it by combing it often.




Adjust style



Your existing hair and top hat hair are independent of each other. Therefore, the first one never knows the second plan. In other words, your curly hair may decide to become wavy or straight for some reason, while your existing curly hair remains the same. So, you got a weird hairstyle that makes people around you want to know what's wrong with your hair. To avoid this embarrassing situation, try to pay attention to your hairstyle permanently and fix any style differences that appear immediately. It will be more difficult to do this with a synthetic top hat. However, even if your hair replacement system is made of human hair, it still behaves slightly differently from hair that grows from the scalp.



Care for sensitive hair replacement system



As mentioned above, the hair replacement system is not connected to the feeding system like your own hair, but receives nutrients through hair follicles located under the skin. This means that the hair replacement system is more susceptible to drying, breakage, knotting and darkening. That's why, make sure to develop a personal care program for your hair replacement system, where you condition and moisturize it more frequently to ensure that it stays in sync with your own hair. If you don't do this, the fibers on the top will be significantly drier and darker than the hair that grows from the scalp. It will eventually become an embarrassing contrast, which will weaken the appeal of your hairstyle.



Keep the color unchanged




Another aspect to pay attention to is color. The strands of the hair system may be more susceptible to discoloration. So, if you notice that your top hat has faded relative to your own hair, be sure to apply some dye to make the colors overlap again.



In conclusion



Keeping the style of mens hair systems seamless and beautiful is a daunting task. You need to be vigilant and pay attention to any differences in style, color, brightness, and length between the male hair replacement system and the hair growing on the scalp. Make sure to cut off the existing hair in time to prevent it from growing longer than the hair of the top hat. Regularly comb your hair to ensure that the direction of the human hair and the hair replacement system are consistent and seamless. In addition, repair any emerging style and color differences, and don't forget to provide the necessary maintenance for the fragile hair replacement system, including regular conditioning and moisturizing.