Mens hair system or wig? This is the dilemma that many men face in the early stages of hair loss. However, there are some signs that tell you that it is best to change your hair system. Here is how to know that your baldness needs a male hair replacement system instead of a wig.



Small bald spots



No matter which treatment you choose, it is expensive to deal with baldness. Although transplantation provides complete hair restoration, men tend to avoid transplantation due to the high cost and replace it with the hair system. The most popular hair system is a wig, which covers the entire scalp. However, if you only have a few bald heads on your scalp and most of your hair remains, then buying a wig may not be economically reasonable. If you just experienced some hair loss around the crown, you'd better buy a men's hair system. This will help you save a lot of money that you can spend on medications designed to stop the evolution of your hair condition. Worrying about the awkward appearance provided by the hair replacement system is not the case, because it blends perfectly with your existing hair, adding volume and attractiveness.




Do you want to maintain a natural hairstyle?




When you are bald, you must decide whether to wear a wig or a male hair replacement system. If you brag about having an amazing natural hairstyle, then choosing to wear a wig is not the best decision. Although wigs can imitate hairstyles, they cannot compete with human hair in terms of natural attractiveness. Therefore, if you like the style, texture and shine of your existing hair, avoid covering it with a wig. As long as it is beautiful, unaffected by thinning, and can enhance your self-confidence, then it is definitely not worth it. You'd better keep it for yourself and only use a hair replacement system to cover the baldness on your scalp.




Crown baldness




The hair replacement system looks best when connected to the crown. In fact, most of this hair system is used to cover the bald area around the crown. Therefore, if your hair loss occurs on the top of your scalp, then the hair replacement system is definitely your best choice to cover up your hair loss. Wigs are a better choice when it comes to bald vertices on both sides and back.




You don't want to spend time on applying




The wig is a reliable bald cover, but it comes with cumbersome application and removal due to its size. Wigs are big enough to fit a complete human head and require a lot of adjustments and long-lasting glue application. When you have to face a small size hair replacement system, things become much easier. The hair replacement system only covers the top area of ​​the scalp, which is not as eye-catching as a wig, which means it takes less time to apply and remove. Therefore, if you are unwilling to apply glue on the scalp and wig, then adjust the wig, or use a lot of glue remover to remove the wig, you'd better change the hair system.




Your scalp is very sensitive




If you are a sensitive person, you may feel more comfortable wearing a piece of clothing. Men's hair system. Due to the small size of the hair replacement system, you will not feel that foreign objects are permanently stuck to your scalp. In addition, the hair replacement system is lighter than the wig because the wig puts less pressure on the head and neck. Although wigs are also very light, they may cause some discomfort after wearing them for a while, especially when we talk about long-haired wigs.




In conclusion



There are many advantages to wearing a men's hair system. If you only have small bald spots on your scalp and the rest of the hair is in place, then it is wise to use this hair system. In this way, you save money and time for application and hair loss. Due to the small size of the hair replacement system, it is less cumbersome and time-consuming. A hair replacement system also contributes to a more natural appeal, because it leaves most of your hair uncovered, allowing it to shine and accentuate your true appearance. In addition, due to its extremely light design, it makes you forget the presence of the hair system on your head, and one top provides less discomfort.