What is a non-surgical hair replacement system? People who are not familiar with the product may ask this question, while people who are concerned about hair loss may know what it is. Today, we will answer the questions in the following content to give you a better understanding of non-surgical hair replacement.



What is non surgical hair replacement?



Non-surgical hair replacement, as the name suggests, allows you to regain your hair without having a hair transplant. It can be said that anyone with a bald problem can wear a hair replacement system.



Compared with performing hair transplant surgery, the hair system is safer and cheaper. Not anyone with hair loss problems can undergo surgery. Some people with sensitive skin do not recommend this operation. In addition, surgery cannot ensure that you can restore your hair. There is a risk of failure.



Failure of the operation may leave scars on the scalp and even cause other side effects. To restore hair, there are other solutions, such as eating specific foods or supplements. The cause of hair loss may vary depending on individual circumstances. However, no matter what causes this problem, at some stage of our life, we will inevitably lose some hair.



Hair loss, although a common problem, can weaken one's confidence. Hair is an important part of our appearance. Different hairstyles will affect other people's impression of a person. Therefore, in order to cover up baldness, non-surgical hair replacement solutions have emerged.



A long time ago, people started to wear wigs. The main function at the beginning of the project was not to cover hair loss. Nowadays, it can not only solve the hair loss problem of some people, but also disguise them on specific occasions. Hair system can be regarded as a kind of wig, but they have many differences.



The hair replacement system cannot be used to disguise a person. They mainly cover the top of a person's head. Generally speaking, their appearance is more natural than wigs. We can find pink or white wigs, but we can't find wigs for bald heads.



Wigs are used to cover the entire head, and the hair replacement system you choose needs to match the rest of the hair. Hair replacement systems are usually made of real human hair, while wigs can be made of synthetic hair. The hair system consists of two parts, the hair base and the hair. The hair base defines the type of hair replacement. If it is mainly made of silk, then the hair unit is a silk hair system.



How to apply a non surgical hair replacement system



To wear such products, you need to use adhesive or toupee tape. Unlike wigs and hair pieces, the hair system cannot be clamped on the body, but stuck to our heads so that they do not fall off. Some liquid adhesives have a strong bonding effect. Even if you wear the hair replacement system all day long and sweat a lot, it can still adhere to your scalp.




Before applying the hair system, it is best to apply a layer of skin protection. On the other hand, toupee tape is easier to use. It is recommended to wear a hairdresser with the help of a professional hair stylist for the first time. After mastering the skills, you can do it yourself.



The advantage of non-surgical hair replacements is that they can provide you with a natural look. You don't have to worry about the hair system looking unreal, because it is made of human hair. Only by choosing the right one can it blend perfectly with your original hair. Moreover, it is more cost-effective to wear a hair replacement system than to perform surgery.



The only thing you need to do is to maintain the hair system. I don't think it's a big deal, because we also need to take care of our real human hair. Good maintenance can keep the hair replacement system shiny and in good shape.




To sum up



We introduced "What is non-surgical hair replacement". By comparing the hair system with wigs and hair transplants, I believe you can have a clear understanding of non-surgical hair replacement solutions. If you are worrying about hair loss, you can try the hair systems.