For the same type of hair systems for men, some people can use it for several months, while others can only use it for a few weeks. What could be the reason? Today we are going to discuss what behaviors you should avoid in order to make the hair system as long as possible.




The hairdressing system is designed to let you use it for a long time and is made of high-quality products. Of course, the hair system will decay over time, and you eventually need to buy another one. The duration of your hair system depends largely on you. Now, different types of base and hair systems last for different durations. You will find that ultra-thin skin polyethylene may last much shorter than the monofilament hair system. When we talk about the durability of different hair systems, we give them a number from one to ten levels to measure their durability. So this is something you must consider when buying a hair system and how long it should last. Having said that, there are many things you can do to make your hair system last longer and ensure that you get the most value from the money you spend. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some things that actually shorten the life of the hair system.




Reduce friction




The first thing we want to talk about is friction. Friction is caused when two things rub together. When you think about friction and hair systems, the first thing you think about is that this is actually sleep. When sleeping, please make sure not to sleep with wet hair system. If you have already taken a bath, the wet hair system that generates friction when you sleep can be mapped. In the long run, the device will also lead to entanglement and a large number of hair loss, which will affect the performance of the hair system.




Friction can also occur on hats. It can happen on swimming caps and helmets. It can happen to many different things, so you want to limit your access to these things. Now, if you wear a hat every two weeks, because it's raining outside, you'll feel wet. Will it kill your system? No, it won't. But if you often expose your hair system to such an environment, for example, you play American football, you wear a helmet, and you're just beaten around them. These may shorten the life of the hair system, so you need to pay attention to this.




Avoid entanglement




Next in the list is entanglement. Tangles occur when the hair and your hair system are intertwined and form knots. Tangles can occur if you don't clean your equipment properly, if you don't use shampoo, and if you don't have a hair combing system. Now, I brush my hair system with a detail brush every day. This helps me ensure that my hair system is healthy and there are not many tangles at any given time. Tangle is a subset of the larger problem of the hair system, namely hair loss. If your hair system loses a lot of hair, it will eventually become unusable. You can find pictures on the Internet showing that the hair system may lose some hair, or it will really become mottled. This is usually caused by the user error of the person using the hair system, exposing it to things that should not be exposed. Knot and entanglement may be one of them. In particular, if you try to pull out knots and tangles by applying pressure to the bottom of the knot or hair system, if you do, you are likely to pull out some hair, and you may only pull out a pair at a time. But every day, there are knots and tangles in your unit. It will eventually add up and leave. You might end up saying, I don't know what's wrong with my hair. My hair system doesn't look right. So practice every day to make sure you take care of your hair system.




However, hair loss may occur in other ways. Another possible way to make the hair system lose hair is to stick adhesive to the inside and around the hair of the hair system. This can happen when the liquid adhesive melts into liquefaction. When you use the hair system, some hair is trapped below. It can happen in many ways, but we really want to avoid it. And always consider that if you do stain your hair and adhesive, using isopropanol to remove your hair from the adhesive is a great technique. Now, if you need something stronger, you can use solvents or even detergent. Detergent is designed to remove dust, dirt and the like. It can really protect your hair. However, detergent may make your hair system a little dry. So keep this in mind and try not to overuse it. Make sure your hair is not covered with any adhesive, which will save a lot of hair in your hair system.