How effective is the non surgical hair replacement? Today, we will briefly introduce the product, including its advantages and disadvantages and tips on how to install it properly. We hope this article can be helpful to you.



What is a non surgical hair replacement system



People who have hair loss in the crown may be familiar with products, non-surgical hair replacement. Compared with surgical methods, wearing a toupee is safer and more effective. The appearance of the hair replacement system looks like a toupee. However, they have many differences.



You can buy a wider range of hairpieces, those colors and designs are all bald. Sometimes, the purpose of wearing a toupee is not to cover up hair loss, but to change the appearance or play certain roles. hairpieces can be made of real human hair or synthetic hair, covering the entire head. Unlike hairpieces that pay more attention to appearance, hairpieces pay more attention to wearing experience and performance.



The hair unit is usually made of real human hair. Asian hair, European hair or Indian hair are three commonly used original hairs. European hair is the softest and therefore the most expensive. Dark Asian hair is much harder. Many hairpieces are made from Indian Remy hair, which are easy to process and perform well.



The hair system has two main parts, the hair base and the toupee. The former directly touches our scalp. Therefore, the material of the hair base determines whether the hair is comfortable to wear. They also decide which type of hair unit belongs to. Lace and thin fur hair systems are the most commonly purchased products and are very popular among consumers.



The single-shot unit has a longer-lasting function, and the silk unit is very comfortable to wear. If durability is your priority, mono may be your main choice. hairpieces can be purchased at many shopping websites and online stores. You can also buy it at professional salons.



The pros and cons of wearing a toupee



After having a general understanding of the product, a question may arise: "How effective is the non-surgical hair replacement?" Before studying its application, it is best to understand the pros and cons of wearing a toupee.






  1. Cover your baldness



You may not believe that many celebrities change their hair. But the fact is that they not only wear them in public, but they also wear them when shooting. hairpieces can help them hide the secret of baldness. Only by comparing the photos before and after wearing the hairdressing system can we find that they also suffer from hair loss.



This is the main benefit that the hair system brings to us. If you want, no one can find your bald head. A high-quality hairpin, only in the right place, can make you look natural and unnoticeable, so you don't have to worry about wearing a toupee and failing to convince others.



  1. Comfortable to wear



You may think that wearing a toupee is uncomfortable. This is not the case. Many hair systems are made as light as possible. When you wear it, you won't even feel its presence. Some are designed to be highly breathable and suitable for wearing in hot weather.



Disadvantages-high cost



Of course, non-surgical hair replacementation also has some disadvantages. One is that the more realistic and natural hairpieces are, the more expensive they are. The price of the product ranges from 100 U.S. dollars to more than one thousand U.S. dollars. If you want to buy a beautiful one, you should spend at least $200.



In addition to the cost of buying a toupee, you also need to pay for maintenance. It also costs some money to buy skin protection, toupee gel, and removal. In addition, the product is not permanent. It needs to be replaced after a period of time.



How effective is the non-surgical hair replacement?



The proper application of the hair system requires some skill. The most important thing is to put the hair unit in the correct position. You can use the eyebrow pencil to draw a few auxiliary lines to mark the correct position.



Apply tape to the peripheral area of ​​the hair device, and then peel off the backing. Apply the system slowly and carefully. Before use, please make sure your scalp is clean and protected by the skin.






How effective is the hair replacement systems? We believe you can have an idea now. If you decide to buy this product, Toupeec can provide you with a variety of options.