Is the hair replacement system permanent? How long can the hair systems last? Why choose non-surgical hair replacement instead of surgical hair replacement? hairpieces have attracted more and more people's interest as a practical product designed to solve the problem of hair loss. These issues about hair units are of concern to consumers. Let us solve them one by one today.



Hair loss has become a headache for many people today. Even young people suffer from baldness. There are many solutions for different types of hair loss symptoms. One of the most effective methods is to wear a non-surgical hair replacement system.




What is the hair system?



So, what is the hair system? It is also called a hair toupee. It can be said to be the blessing of bald people. It is specially designed to cover hair loss on the top of the head. A toupee is a type of toupee. hairpieces are not limited to covering the hair loss area on the top of the head. hairpieces and those clip-on hairpieces fall into this category.




These products have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. hairpieces are mainly used to disguise or make up for special occasions. Ladies use hairpieces to lengthen their hair or change hairstyles. hairpieces and hairpieces made of artificial hair can be used permanently if they are not damaged. The answer to the question "The hair replacement system is permanent" is no.




Why can hairpieces and hairpieces made of hairpieces last a lifetime? Those made from real human hair are more vulnerable. Without the nutrition of the scalp, one day it will lose its luster and color, and it will look frizzy and unsightly. Synthetic hair goes through a chemical process that can be preserved for a long time.




Most hair replacement systems are made from real human hair. Because only real hair can give people a natural and beautiful appearance. Real hair is also softer and better in texture than synthetic hair. In addition, in the process of applying and removing, it is inevitable to cause certain damage to the hair roots.



People may wear the hair system all day, which will further shorten the life of the hair unit. Therefore, it is impossible to use hair substitutes for more than one year. Although it is not a one-time investment product, it is worth buying if you find it difficult to recover your hair.



The high-quality toupee is as vivid as our original hair. For example, silk hair base simulates the appearance of the scalp. Therefore, even if you look closely at the hair unit, no one will find that you are wearing a hair system.



The service life of the hair replacement system



Customers who have not used hairpieces before may ask "How long can the replacement system last?" Although it is not permanent, some hairpieces can be used for a long time. The specific life depends on the material of the hair system. Good quality can be used for at least two months. Longer service life can reach 8 months.



Why choose non-surgical hair replacement



Although it is not a one-time investment, hairpieces still have many advantages. Although hair transplantation can bring permanent results to consumers, it cannot produce immediate results. By wearing the correct hair system, you can see the effect immediately.



In addition, the application of the product does not bring risks. As we all know, any type of surgery has potential risks. The possible consequences of hair transplant surgery include scars on the head. When wearing a toupee, you don't have to worry about these problems at all.



Another advantage of hair hairpieces is that they do not cause discomfort. Some people may worry that wearing an extra object on their head will cause itching or discomfort. With the advancement of technology, today's hairpieces have become as comfortable as possible, just like thin-skin hair systems.



Get conclusion



Is the hair replacement system permanent? You can find the answer in the article. Although it is not a permanent product, it is still welcomed by many customers due to its advantages. If you are also worried about hair loss, you can try this product.