When you decide to buy mens hair pieces online, which features are important to you? The base construction, hair quality, the invisible hairline knot or having the natural look? Like most people you will probably choose a custom-made design, making all hair dreams come true.


Now, find a pen and note down the information that our Toupeec expert team needs to make the custom-made hair toupee for men.


1. Base Construction Base design is the primary part of the new hair, so you need to figure out what you want. If breathing is important, I recommend our net base or lace base. While for a natural look our skin base is a perfect choice.

2. Hair Type and Color We offer a range of qualities and fashionable colors to suit the requirements.

3. Knot Type Different knotting methods create different looks, especially for some important parts of the hair pieces for men like the frontline, hairline and temples.

4. Base Size Getting size correct is important. You can send customer’s template to us.

5. Hair Length It’s better to get it a bit longer than you need in case of future cutting and keeping it looking good.

6. Hair Density The hair we use ranges from extra light to extra heavy.

7. Wave or Curl No matter what kind of hair you have we can match it, from straight to tight Afro.


With these Instructions you can decide on what you want mens toupee hair replacement systems to be. Get in touch with our experts so we can start working on it now.