Finding the right position


Thus, the hairline looks later absolutely natural, approach point you have to find the right place on the find you want to attach the mens toupee hair replacement system at the end. This point is most people about 3 finger widths above the eyebrows. Specifically, you can find this place by sending your forehead wrinkles in (think about the fact that you still have to do your tax return) and at the top of the forehead wrinkles along feelest. The point at which ceases the soft skin of the forehead and begins the fixed pericranium skin of the skull, normally runs the hairline.


Depending on what look you want to achieve, you should the mens hairpiece from this point something (a few millimeters to 1.5 cm) further back towards mind fix.


The lower the density of your hair hair part is, you should all the more the mens hairpiece back slide to a natural "high brow" to simulate, you want a more youthful look is a suitable position further forward.


Since you have the starting point now found the place marked centrally ie on the nose with either a wipe pen, or with a comb. The comb you mark the spot simply by looking a little harder pressing the prongs on the scalp, to temporarily signs of a mark on the skin. This has the advantage that you need to wipe any lines later.



Mark hairline


Mens hairpiece attachment front now know where the starting point for your hairpiece is, now you put the toupee for men with the fit on the head and make sure that the sides are straight.


Splice anzeichnendas you can check by you compare the distance of toupee for men pages to the ears. Once it is precisely on the head you can view the complete hairline at the neck with a pin or comb mark. Now you can take back from the head hair systems for men time being.


Attach mens hairpiece


Mens hairpiece attachment mind now comes the actual fixing: you remove the protective strip from the adhesive strips or wearing the liquid adhesive along the marked line on the scalp and leaves it dry according to package instructions.


At the back of the head that works best if you take a hand mirror in one hand, you turn back to the bathroom mirror and aufträgst the liquid adhesive on the back of the head with the other hand.


Now you may the mens hair systems from front to back, press along the marked lines.


Tip: As it can sometimes happen that one with the toupee for men not immediately precisely meets the marked spot and the adhesive holds instantly upon contact, the head can be, depending on the type of adhesive initially with a very thin layer of 99% alcohol (or Lace Release) spray , This ensures that you can still move the mens toupee hairpiece for a few seconds before it actually holds.


Enjoy beautiful hair.


Hairpiece for men attachment completely now you can comb the hair as desired, style and you enjoy your new head of hair!