We all know that there are many kinds of base materials for mens toupee hairpieces. Because each base has its own characteristics, different knotting methods are used when knitting hair.Let's look at the advantages of each knot.


Single knot

It is a knot it can be several hair a knot, or one hair a knot. The character of single knot is very flat, the hair will be very flat, hair will not stand up. This kind of knot is better for skin Pu base, if on lace base the knot is not durable. The hair can be comb to any direction. It is very natural and invisible because of small single knot.


Double knot


It is two knots. the knots is more durable than single knot, but the knot is bigger than sigle knot.The hair of double knot is also flat. This kind of knot usually used for temples and back where is invisible.


Single split knot


This knot is very small at the same time hair can be stand up. It is used on front hairline, but it canot make heavy density. If heavy density the hair easy loose.The hair is small knot very natural and invisible.


V loop knot


Very natural because of no knot, is can only used on skin Pu base.


Injected knot


Very natural but hair is flat, canot make hair style any direction.


Lifted Injected knot


Hair is stand and hair can be combed to any direction


Silk top knot


Hair is very natural and base comfortable, only used on lace base.