In Toupeec, we have non-remy Indian hair, Remy Indian Hair, Chinese virgin hair, Brazilian hair, Mongolian Hair and European hair.


Non-Remy Indian hair is cheapest because the cuticle is mixed, after acid washing, the hair quality also very good, no tangle, this kind of hair we usually do short hair.


Remy Indian hair is cutted from head directly, the cuticle is in same direction. This hair can make long hair.Indian hair is soft and thinner, has natural wave.


Chinese virgin hair is cutted from head directly too, the cuticle is in same direction. But the hair is thicker and more silky. We suggest long hair use Chinese virgin hair, it has more better silky effect, of course no tangle no shedding.


Brazilian hair is more like Indian remy hair. but price is higher


Mongolian hair is more like Chinese virgin hair, and price is same with it.


European hair is softest and thinnest,price is highest. Natural european hair has different color. It can be used to both for short hair and long hair.