Hair loss is a serious problem. There is still no proven cure, and medication can be expensive and painful and cannot guarantee a long-term solution. But there's an affordable, guaranteed solution, and that's the hair transplant system. Check out the information below for more information.


First, there are three standard base materials, skin, lace and mono, each with advantages and disadvantages.



The skin base has the most natural appearance and has various thicknesses, including: ultrathin skin, ultrathin skin, transparent thin skin and silicon. The thinner the root, the more natural it looks, and because there are no knots, it looks as if the hair is growing from the scalp.



The lace base is usually made of French lace or Swiss lace. Lace looks natural and breathable.



There are also many kinds of mono base, including: fine welding mono, fine mono and silk mono. The finely welded single hole has the largest of the three materials. It is as breathable as lace, but more durable than lace. Fine mono is thinner and softer than fine welded mono, but not as breathable as fine welded mono. Fine welded mono and fine mono are combined with thinner skin around, which makes the appearance more natural. Silk mono is breathable and looks like real skin, but it is more complex to make, so the cost is higher.



It is often said that they want a hair system with natural appearance, breathable and durable base material. However, no material has all these advantages. You need to make some choices about what's important to you. For example, if you live in a warm climate, air permeability will be very important, and if you live in a cool climate, you won't really worry because you won't sweat too much.



However, toupeec always provides you with the perfect alternative or custom hair replacement system. We will restore your confidence.


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