Advantages and disadvantages of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


The advantages and disadvantages of non-surgical hair replacement are undoubtedly the focus of discussion. Our team of hair experts has decided to share some insights on non-surgical hair replacement. In our eyes, there are many positive aspects, but far more than a few negative aspects, so for us, non-surgical hair replacement system is the ultimate solution for those who are struggling with hair loss and baldness. However, you can continue to read to understand the advantages and disadvantages of non-surgical hair replacement, and then make a wise decision on whether non-surgical hair replacement is best for you.


Non surgical hair replacement - the biggest advantages


Non invasive Hair Solutions


The main advantage of non-surgical hair replacement is that it is non-invasive. Hair transplant methods can cause surgical complications, including infection, scarring, and anesthetic risks: none of these are problems with the hair system. As a non-surgical method, the hair transplant system can help you avoid any pain and other such risks.


No side effects



If we make a list of side effects of non-surgical hair replacement, it will be almost blank! Because this is a non-surgical process, it is not easy to produce any medical side effects. In addition to the extremely rare allergic reactions caused by the use of inferior adhesives, the risk of any other medical problems is zero. The main advantage of non-surgical hair replacement is its near zero side effects.



Get results quickly



Another major advantage of non-surgical hair replacement systems is their immediate effect. Unlike surgical hair transplants or medication, you don't have to wait as long as six to seven months to see significant results. The application process is fast and simple, and the results can be obtained quickly without any waiting.








Hair transplants are permanent. If you are not satisfied with the result of the operation, there is nothing you can do. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of hair transplants. On the other hand, the non-surgical system is completely temporary in nature. Yes, they are semi permanent in terms of fixation, but if you are not satisfied with the hair replacement system, you can easily remove it or stop wearing it.




Guaranteed results




Non surgical hair replacement ensures results. The non-surgical hair loss system is suitable for everyone, regardless of the reasons behind or the degree of hair loss. Although in some cases a large number of hair loss, but surgery may not be feasible, even if possible, may never achieve the desired effect. Are you not sure how to choose the right hair replacement system?

Read this blog to learn the basics of choose the most suitable hair replacement system.



Donor independent hair




Hair transplantation is a surgical technique in which hair follicles from a part of the body (called donor hair) are transferred to the baldness / baldness part of the body. When the number of hair follicles of healthy donors is limited or there is no hair at all, it is almost impossible to carry out hair transplantation. However, non-surgical hair replacement technique is not reliable in donor hair. This makes it the best choice for people without donor hair.




More affordable than surgery




One of the main disadvantages of hair transplantation is its high cost. Surgical hair transplants can cost as much as $15000, and if you're not satisfied with the results, the only option is a hair transplant. Economically, unless you are a celebrity or very rich, this may not be an option. In addition, there is no insurance for hair transplants. In contrast, the cost of non-surgical hair replacement is extremely low. If you choose a non-surgical hair replacement system, and you buy it from toupeec, you don't have to spend more than $300, and you'll find that you can spend less.




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Unlimited modeling possibilities




There are no restrictions on non-surgical hair replacement systems. You can completely customize the color, style, density, length or texture of the hair as well as the basic design. No matter what look you want to create with a non-surgical hair replacement system, it's possible. One of the major drawbacks of hair transplantation is that it offers you limited options.




Lightweight and comfortable




The latest non-surgical hair replacement system is very lightweight. They are comfortable to wear, and once you get used to them, they don't interrupt your daily activities, such as showering, exercising or swimming. This is the case for the entire toupeec family of non-surgical hair replacement systems.



Non surgical hair replacement - disadvantages




Regular maintenance




Although there is no medical risk to the hair system, non-surgical hair replacement requires careful maintenance. Regular maintenance is required to maintain the natural appearance of the hair system and extend its life. However, as time goes on, your maintenance program will become faster and will eventually become second nature to you.




Repeat purchase




Non surgical hair replacement is not a one-time investment. If properly maintained, a high-quality hair replacement system can last 3-5 months, but after that a new device will be needed. That is to say, in the long run, the cost of replacing a hair system is still lower than that of a hair transplant.




Regular haircut




One of the secondary disadvantages of non-surgical hair replacement is not caused by the non-surgical hair system itself, but by your natural hair. This is especially true for those struggling with partial baldness. The natural hair on the back and sides will continue to grow, so it may need to be trimmed regularly to match the hairstyle you created using the hair replacement system. Hair on the scalp shaved to trim the hair system will also regrow and must be shaved again during maintenance and cleaning procedures.




Non surgical hair replacement system has many advantages and disadvantages. From cost to comfort, they are the best solution for those with severe alopecia who want a natural and imperceptible look back without surgery.




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