Are you looking for a surreal, natural looking men’s skin hair system?


Then take a look at our ng, which is made of transparent ultra-thin skin substrate, which is only 0.04-0.06mm thick. It's so light that you forget or even wear it when you install ng hair replacement system for men.


What makes the NG look so realistic is the use of graduated knotless V-loop hair on the front 1/2" which mimics you own natural hair line and gives the hair a natural lift. High quality gradient front hairline can make everything different, and determine whether the hair system can be detected, because our normal hair is also gradient from the top hairline, and the single knot used by other hair systems can not only naturally fluctuate, but also increase durability, while maintaining a good appearance.


The transparent base has a standard 8 "X10" size and CC shape, but if you need a perfect fit, we will be happy to cut it for you and then ship it to your door.


The NG has a medium light hair density which is the most common for men and is sure to give you the best look possible.


If you like air permeability, you should consider using French or Swiss lace base, but if you like natural, easy to care and don't make a fuss about men's hair, then ng is very suitable.


Just like all our regular men's hair systems, Ng is made from 100% real human hair, which makes toupeec unique. There are many colors to choose from, and we will definitely match your own natural hair with the right hue.


The standard length of NG stock hair system is 6 inches, but if you send us pictures and / or sizes, one of our professional stylists will provide you with fashionable or classic hairstyles.