Is it frustrating to have a narrower or thinner hairline? Are you confused by the dazzling hair toupe on the Internet and don't know where to start? This is a useful guide to gradually help you choose high-quality hair toupe.


Choose a base


When you search online for men's hair toupe, there are many choices. Each has a different foundation. In fact, there are only four basic types of basic materials: lace, skin, mono and silk. All the different foundations you see are made of one or a combination of these four basic materials.


Lace bottom


The lace is soft, light, delicate and completely breathable. There are two kinds of lace materials, Swiss lace and French lace. Swiss lace is the best, the most delicate, need to be handled carefully. French lace is more durable than Swiss lace. For lace bottoms, we usually use a single knot at the front hairline and a double knot elsewhere, which helps create a natural hairline. If you often exercise, then lace underwear is your best choice for ventilation. Usually, with proper care and maintenance, lace base hair toupe can last for 2-4 months.


Thin skin


As the name suggests, the skin base looks and feels like your own skin. Inject, V-loop, or tie the hair to the base to move it like your own hair. Especially in the front area, the skin base can blend seamlessly with your skin. The translucent material creates an illusion that the hair grows directly from the scalp, giving you the most natural appearance. The only drawback is that the skin base is airtight.


Monofilament base


The mono base is thicker and stronger than lace and skin, and has a longer service life. Monofilament hair toupe can last more than 6 months. They can carry medium dense hair, such as 120% or 130% density. It's for people who want thick, thick hair and want to save money.


Silk top


Silk top creates the most natural scalp hairline. Using a three-layer toupe, when tying hair, the knot is hidden under the silk thread between the two layers, and then injected into the hair through the silk thread material, so that the knot is 100% invisible, giving people an illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. The only disadvantage of the top hair base toupe is that the base is thick and airtight.


mix base


You don't have to be limited to the options above. There are combinations. You can mix lace with skin, single layer with skin, upper layer of silk with skin, or even upper layer of silk with skin and lace.


Choose hair


There are three main types of hair for you to choose from, they are European hair, Indian remy hair and synthetic hair.


European hair


European hair is super fine, soft and silky. The hair has never been chemically treated and the epidermis is still intact. Although this hair is more expensive.



Indian remy hair


Most of our hair toupes are made from Indian remy hair. Indian hair is soft and delicate, very similar to Caucasian hair. It's also more affordable.



Synthetic hair


Synthetic hair is a much more economical option. For our hair toupe with white hair, white hair is heat friendly synthetic hair.


Choose a color


When you choose a color, make sure it matches the rest of the hair so that the hair toupe can blend with your own hair and people can't tell. If you don't have hair at all, you can choose the same hair color as your beard.


If you are not sure which color, please send some pictures of your existing hair to our customer service, we will help you choose the right color. Alternatively, you can buy our color rings for color matching, or send us your hair samples to match our color.


Choose hair density


When choosing the right hair density, it is important to choose according to your age and current hair thickness. It's not the thicker the better. For density, we have several options: extra light, light, medium light, medium, medium heavy and heavy. If you are not sure about the right density, please contact our customer service.


Choose your hair texture


This step is the simplest. We offer two kinds of texture, wavy or linear, you can choose according to your preference.


You go! Check our hair toupe inventory items. If there is no stock, we have another choice. We can customize the new hair toupe according to your specific needs.


Custom order


Can't find the best hair toupe? Or do you want a toupe that suits your needs? Don't worry, we can customize the hair toupe for you.


If you are using a hair toupe, you can send us the old toupe. We can use it as a template to get the size, shape, hair color, density, direction, etc. Template.


How do I make avatar templates?


The materials needed to make the head template are black marker, plastic film or transparent tape, transparent plastic film and a pair of scissors.

Tie the plastic wrap in place.


Mark baseline, top of head and hair orientation


The width of the four fingers of the eyebrow is the starting point of your hairline. Mark position, baseline and hair orientation. After drawing the perimeter, mark it with the letter "F" in the front and the letter "B" in the back.

Wrap four layers of tape, two layers wide, from front to back.


Cut out the base and mark your name


Remove the template from the head and trim off excess tape and plastic wrap. Mark your name on the base so that the manufacturer does not confuse your name with others.


Attach the hair sample to the head template


Using hair samples, we can make the best matching hair color for you. The more attached hair, the better the color match.


After receiving your template, our customer service team will contact you to provide quotation and estimated time for your customized order. If you are satisfied and you can pay, we will start the production process, update the status of your custom order and ship it to you when it is finished.