Bleached knots seems to be a very strange thing,

However, they are a very important part of the hair system.

Bleached knots make hair pieces look more natural, as if it actually grows out of the wearer's scalp.

This is done by removing the pigment from the hair at the knot.

The effect gives a seamless look from hair to scalp.

Surprisingly, many people choose to bleach only the knots around the visible hairline, so the hairline looks natural.

However, the whole hairpieces can be made into a bleached knot.



Both men and women can lose their hair for many different reasons.

Sometimes it's temporary hair loss caused by drugs or diseases,

And sometimes it's a simple genetic cause of permanent hair loss.

One of the ways people choose to fight this kind of hair loss is the hair replacement systems. It's a non-surgical way to grow beautiful hair. It's affordable, practical and looks like natural hair.

In addition, there are many different hair types to choose from, such as curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, long hair or short hair.

Customers can choose the most suitable products.



Hair systems with bleached knots can be a solution for people who lose their hair.

The system is usually made of real hair, which can be brown, black, gray, or customized to match the natural hair color.

Every buyer will definitely have one, which will make them happy with the new look.

Whether they choose bleached knots or other styles, they will love the incredible realism of putting the hair system in place.



Anyone looking for a natural, non-surgical approach to hair replacement should consider using a hair system.

A great hair system can choose to bleach knots, creating the illusion that hair actually grows from the scalp.

This is particularly important around the forehead, where the hairline is most visible.

Customers should pay attention to the appropriate hair system for them;

People who make them confident, because their new hair looks great.