The hair system has many advantages, such as: increase hair volume instantly, change hair style in a short time, without the help of hair stylist, there are many different hair styles to choose from, easy to install and take off, it is more and more popular among young men and women.


The correct maintenance of the hair system is essential to prolong the life of the toupee hairpieces, and the correct cleaning and washing methods are of great help to the life of the hair. Today, Toupeec will show you some tips for cleaning and washing your hair system.


How to clean the toupee hairpieces? Before shampooing, please remove the toupee hairpieces glue attached to the hair accessories to make sure that there is no residue. Whether a person uses tape, toupee hairpieces glue, or other types of adhesives, when he or she removes the toupee hairpieces, there is likely to be some adhesive remaining on the person's head and the toupee hairpieces itself. Not only will this be frustrating to handle, but it can also make it difficult, if not impossible, after reconnecting the toupee hairpieces. Therefore, it is particularly important to obtain proper toupee hairpieces repair and adhesive cleaning products to maintain the overall appearance of your toupee hairpieces and extend the life of your hair system.


Product removal residue


The type of toupee hairpieces glue remover you use depends on the type of toupee hairpieces you have and your preference for certain types of products. Some of the best and most popular products for removing adhesives and their residues include:


Alcohol-based adhesive removers:

These products are some of the most popular and effective when it comes to removing hair toupee hairpieces and their residues from hair accessories and one's head without damaging any one.


Full-head bonding solvent:

Full-head bonding hair accessories require special attention during the disassembly process. Incorrect disassembly or lack of suitable products may require repair of the toupee hairpieces. Therefore, a full-head adhesive hair accessory with a specialized adhesive removal product can greatly help remove residual adhesive from the hair accessory and a person's head.


Citrus cleaners:

These mild solvents and cleaners can not only ease the process of removing toupee hairpieces and adhesives, but also will not cause damage to the toupee hairpieces.


Lace Cleaner:

Release the remover spray lace cleaner from the lace. These products provide the necessary adhesive removal aid to eliminate the delicate lace left by the stubborn adhesive.


Tips for correct removal of toupee hairpieces gel


Even with the correct toupee hairpieces glue remover, it can be difficult to get all the adhesive and residue. If you have trouble with this, please try the following tips:


Let the decontamination product or cleanser stay on the head and/or hair accessories for a long time. This gives enough time for the solvent to soak, making it easier to remove the toupee hairpieces gel or residue.


Use a lint-free cloth or microfiber towel to remove any adhesive residue on the toupee hairpieces, especially when the lace is embedded.


Wash your hair with soap/shampoo and water to remove residual adhesive. This makes it easier to reconnect your toupee hairpieces.


By using these toupee hairpieces glue removal techniques correctly and choosing the right products, you can ensure that your toupee hairpieces stays clean, which may prevent future toupee hairpieces repair needs.


You can reconnect when you want!


Because the human hair that leaves the body loses its nutritional supply, it will become hairy for a long time. Nourishing lotion (care lotion) can supplement nutrition, how to keep the hair replacement system soft is very important to the maintenance of the hair system. Nutrient solution (care solution) is a must. You can buy it in department stores, but the nutrient solution (care solution) is a must. The specific cleaning and maintenance methods are as follows:


The water temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees. First, pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into the shampoo basin and dilute it (if you use glue, the customer must first remove the glue residue).


Put the "reissue block" product into the pot and gently wash for about 20 seconds; Note: Do not wash hard! ! !


Brush gently with a comb, do not apply too much pressure, and be careful not to damage the roots and the bottom of the net.


Wash the shampoo residue with water. Maintenance method of replacement block


Apply hair cream.


Gently comb with a comb to evenly moisturize the hair cream.


Continue to wash the hair cream with 35 to 40 degrees water, 3 times under normal circumstances.


Wipe dry with a dry towel. At this time, the "rehydration block" product is in a dry state.


Reverse combing can achieve a three-dimensional and natural appearance.


Put it on the special holder for "refill block" and wait for about 30 minutes to dry naturally.


If you are worried, please use a hair dryer, but please be careful to dry the bottom of the net first.


After washing your hair, ventilation of the turban is very important, otherwise, the residual moisture and shampoo will easily corrode the toupee hairpieces. Another thing to note is that the hair system should not be combed immediately after shampooing. It should be combed after the hair system is dry. Use the comb for toupee hairpiecess to brush your teeth. You can't use a comb with a plastic comb. Basically, toupee hairpiecess do not use combs. Organize it. Toupee hairpieces should also be cleaned and placed on the holder to avoid folding and deformation.


The correct cleaning of the hair system is very important and cannot be emphasized enough. In order to prolong the service life of the toupee hairpieces, the toupee wigs must be cleaned and free of adhesive and solvent residues. Incorrect cleaning can greatly affect the quality and life of the hair system. I hope the above suggestions are helpful to you and your customers.