Many people want to buy it, but few know how to wear a wig with long or short hair correctly. Maybe that's why search terms like "how to wear a long wig", "how to wear a wig cap" and "how to wear a hair system" are so popular on Google. Although there is little to answer about how to wear a wig or hair system, there are few quality guidelines. That's why toupeec's team of hair experts has written this detailed guide on how to put on a wig correctly and secure the hair system in the right way.

Here is a detailed guide to how to wear short and long wigs correctly:


How to wear long hair wig


Long hair is beautiful, but when it's right to wear a wig, it quickly turns into trouble. Our detailed guide on how to wear fashion or fashion wig will help you put away and hide all your natural hair and let your wig speak. Here are the crucial steps that will teach you how to wear a long wig:


Weave your hair properly


The first step is to divide your hair into two parts (or three if this is you) and braid them neatly. Now, cross braids at the back and place them correctly with the help of hairpins and needles to keep them flat and comfortable. This may take some practice. For the first few times, please make sure you have a friend to help you. After knitting, you can put on the wig cap.


Put on your wig cap


Wigs usually come with a wig cap to help you keep your hair in the cap. The wig cap ensures that none of your own hair is visible, as they are left in the cap. So wearing a wig cap will make you look natural.




Fashion tips - Mix your custom or stock hair pieces with the wig's hair by distributing the desired part of your hair from the wig cap for a more natural look.


Remove tangles and cut lace


Now that you know how to put on a wig cap, it's time to tangle the wig's hair and cut off the lace (if you have a front lace wig). The front lace wig usually comes with an extra layer of lace to protect you during transportation and to ensure that you have never worn a wig.



Just use small scissors to cut off the excess lace. Toupeec recommends using smaller wigs to ensure accurate cutting and reduce the risk of damage to the wig.



Wearing wigs


Now, the last step in putting on a long hair pieces is to put on a wig. Each side of the wig is sewn with two clips to help fix the wig. You can comb your hair into a wig to make sure it fits. There is also an adjustable band on the back of the wig. You can use it to adjust the wig to make yourself comfortable and safe, and keep the hairline straight with the hairline of the wig.




Toupeec's above four steps are the most demanding steps for wearing a wig correctly, but once you master these steps, you will almost master the skills of wearing a fashion and medical wig. Watch this video, which shows how natural our fashion wigs look to women in love with long hair!




Now, let's introduce the process of applying medium and short hair wigs in detail.


How to wear short and medium hair wigs


The method of wearing a wig with short and medium hair is the same as that of wearing a wig with long hair. You don't need to knit your hair because it's not long enough and it's easy to hide your short hair under your wig.




Now that we know how to correctly wear short and long hair wigs, let's take a look at how to wear a completely different and unique hair system.


How to wear hair system like boss


Over the past few decades, hair systems have become the best non-surgical solution to get the hair of your dreams. Just like wigs, after mastering the whole process through some exercises, it only takes a few minutes to put on the hair system.


Although the process of using the hair system is very simple and practiced by thousands of toupeec customers, it is more challenging to install some aspects on the hair system.


Toupee tape guide for hair system


Tape is widely used in modern hairpieces and toupees to make it easy for customers to attach, disassemble and clean. Since toupeec has been developing high-quality hair quality systems for a decade, we spent some time planning and publishing detailed tape guidelines for our customers.


Adhesive installation guide for hair system



Since the adhesive is used directly on the skin, cleaning the scalp is essential to ensure that the hair system is worn in the best way. Using adhesives is very different from the way people wear wigs. That's why we took the time to create a dedicated blog and solve all the queries about hair system accessories.




Now let's familiarize ourselves with other points that should be kept in mind when purchasing non-surgical hair care products online:



Always like quality: when buying wigs, quality should be put in the first place. Unqualified wigs are easy to find and wear quickly. Always purchase wigs and hair replacement systems from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Well known brands are known for providing quality hair systems at outstanding prices.



Pursue nature: most women prefer front lace or full top wig, which are more natural and comfortable. These wigs create a very natural hairline, making them very popular among men and women of all ages.



Easy return: please find easy return policy before purchasing. If you receive a wrong or damaged product, the return policy allows you to replace the product from the supplier.




Understanding the scalp: if the scalp is sensitive, toupeec recommends wearing a wig cap before wearing a wig. The wig cap protects your hair and prevents it from sticking out of the wig.




Choose a wig: always choose a full wig instead of a synthetic wig. They look more natural and you can blend your natural hair with them.




These simple tips come in handy when you decide to buy a wig or hair system for the first time. In addition to what we just mentioned, there are many other factors that can lead you to buy high-quality wigs, such as free delivery, discount coupons, product reviews, etc.



Want to know where to buy a good wig? This is a detailed guide to help you buy the best wig or hair system according to your personal or fashion needs!



Buy a hair system and wig with a Money back guarantee


For many years, toupeec has been producing and supplying high quality hair replacement systems, hairpieces and hair toupeees to more than 200 countries / regions. With high quality hair systems, first-class after-sales service and competitive price, we have become one of the leading hair system brands in the industry.




Unable to determine which hair replacement system is best for you? Or is it still uncertain how to correctly wear long or short hair? Share your questions with our hair expert team to get some friendly suggestions.