We understand that when you first start to lose your hair, it can be daunting. You may lose your self-esteem and even feel embarrassed, but please rest assured, because at toupeec, we are at your service.


Like most people, you probably want the most undetectable hair system you can get. But what is the most natural hair system? Well, generally speaking, the most undetectable material is the skin base. The thinner it is, the more natural it looks. However, if you also want air permeability, you have to consider other options.


If you want a natural look and breathability, we usually recommend the lace front system. Bleached knots are added on the front to make the appearance more realistic. For very dark colors such as #1 or #1A, in order to obtain a natural appearance, we use dyes instead of bleached knots after processing to obtain seamless tone. Please note that post dye treatment only applies to the front of the hair system, not the whole system.


We hope this will help you. If you want the most realistic hair system, you can choose a thin skin base, or you also need air permeability. It is recommended that you choose the lace front or lace system. You know how to choose a natural looking hair system when you are ready to order next time. If you don't want to have skin problems, you can wear lace, and then choose bleached knotting or dyeing, which will also make the system look natural.


At toupeec, we are ready to help you with the best products and services. Always remember: Toupeec-Beautiful,Starting from head!