There are two main kinds of knots during making toupee hair replacement systems for men. They are flat knots and reverse spilt knots.We can choose appropriate knots according to the requirement. Let me explain the difference for you.


Flat knots contains single knots and double knots. The effect is very flat.


Single knots is the smallest knots. The effect is very flat. The hair can be combed to every direction as requirement. It normally use in the templesand sides if the customers want flat effect. Single knots isn’t so durable. It is easily loose and the lift span is short because it is only one knots.


Double knots is a little bigger than single knots. The effect is also flat. It is a little durable than single knots.


Reverse spilt knots contains single reverse spilt knots and double reverse spilt knots. The effect is lift and the durability is better than flat knots.


Single reverse spilt knots is the most popular knots because it is durable and natural. It uses for skin base, hairline for mono and lace base. The effect is lifter than single knots.


Double reverse spilt knots is the most durable one. Also, the knots is the most biggest. It uses in mono and lace base except hairline area. The effect is also lift.


Normally, we use reverse spilt knots instead of flat knots because flat knots isn’t so durable than reverse spilt knots. The orders can last longer time. Also, we use single and double knots if the customers want flat effect in some areas. All depends on the requirements of customers.