What does hair density mean?


Your hair density refers to how many hair grow per square inch of scalp, and the hair density of mens toupee refers to the amount of hair ventilated to the bottom of toupee for men.


When selecting a toupee for men online, there are many different hair density options. Which one should I choose to look natural? Please read carefully and find out the answer.


Mens toupee density options


Mens toupee has a series of densities. You can usually get these from ultra light (60%), light (80%), light to medium (100%), medium (130%), medium to heavy (150%) and heavy (180%). Most people who will get a mens toupee will be in the range of light to medium (100%) to medium (130%). It's very important to get the right density hair toupee for men. If it's very deviated, it certainly doesn't look right. There's room for swinging, and you may be a little lighter than your natural hair. You can be a little heavier than your natural hair, but if it's completely on the other side of the range, it's a very eye-catching thing.


Consider your age


The next factor to consider is actually age. Age is a very important factor to consider, because with the progress of our lives, almost all men will lose their hair. If you look at men in their sixties, seventies and eighties, their hair density will drop, and you will find that their hair is less than that of teenagers or twenties.


This is a general rule. If you are in the older range, your hair will be lighter, and you may be in the super bright (60%) to bright (80%) range. If you're in your 20s and your hair is thick at first, you may be in the range of mild to moderate (100%) to moderate (130%). However, if your hair is always light, if your hair is always not too thick, try to be closer to the light to medium (100%) to light (80%) range, a little lighter. It's easy to get greedy when we first get the mens toupee and think we want all the hair in the world. But sometimes a more subtle look is better.


Consider the density of existing hair


For people who are experiencing male type baldness, it is common to have no hair on the top of the head but still thick hair on both sides and back. In this case, you can choose the density to blend with the existing hair.


Consider basic types


Different bases can carry different amounts of hair. The most exquisite lace or ultra-thin leather soles can only hold light (80%) to medium light (100%) density, while monofilament silk soles can hold medium (130%) to heavy (180%) density hair. This is how density is suitable for stock toupee for men.


We can make different densities with different bases, but there is a general rule: thick hair with a thick base. Although the thick base can't match the light density of the hair, because if the hair is very thin, the base will be very obvious.


Therefore, if you are looking for light density, then you have to use a relatively delicate and thin base, which has a relatively short service life, but can also provide you with a transparent and natural appearance. On the other hand, if you are looking for high density hair, the base must be thick enough to accommodate that amount of hair.