Bleached knots can usually be used in most lace base. When the ventilation is over, there will be many visible knots on the hair side of the base. This knot will affect the effect of the hair toupee for men. This is unnatural. Therefore, we will bleach the knots to remove the black knots and then make them invisible.




The process of bleached knots is as follows:




bleached agents include bleached powder, bleached liquid and redness reducing agent. These three materials will be mixed together. The mixture is red at first. It will turn white after ten minutes.




Put the mixture on the scalp of the mens hair pieces and cover with a shower cap.




It is better to heat it than using a space heater, a hair dryer or putting it in the sun. But don't use a microwave. The heating process takes about 30-45 minutes.




After the heating is over, the hair system accessories will be washed in a washing machine.


A shampoo that removes red tones. Put the shampoo on it for five minutes and then wash it.




Soak up the water with a towel and apply moisturizing conditioner to the hair system accessories.




This is the process of bleached knots. The effect diagram of bleached knot is as follows:




There are two points to note:




Bleached knots can only be used for lace hair systems, not skin hair systems and mono hair systems.


Black cannot be bleached. It will only be dyed later.