Today, natural looks are more important than ever, because more and more young people are using toupee wigs and looking for instant fashion hair systems rather than less durable hair systems. These customers usually prefer lace base or thinner skin base, which are more natural and less visible.


In this case, some customers still prefer longer life hair, because it can reduce the overall cost. In these cases, good mono is a good choice.


Fine mono is a traditional base material for hair replacement systems. It is usually used in combination with the periphery of the polymer or sometimes with a very strong PU coating. Therefore, this is the most popular basic material when customers are looking for durability. However, in many cases, the mono hair pieces will lose its hair quickly. What are the causes and how to avoid them?


Usually, people will find that those single hair systems with rapid hair loss have two common characteristics.


The hair fell off from the small single part of the base, but there was no filament falling off at the periphery. So what do these examples tell us? In the first case, the hair just lost from a certain field, it is still good in many fields. This means good hair quality because we can see that the hair on the cluster area is strong and healthy.

Second, the hair has just been pulled from the root, while the knot remains at the base. As a result, the hair in the area of hair loss becomes weak for some reason.


Mono base is denser than lace. They're actually very dense. Although this makes the chassis strong, it also makes the entire chassis airtight and difficult to clean, which is different from lace with smaller lace and larger holes. In addition, when people use hair gel, mousse, hair gel or even conditioner, the product will stay in the dense monofilament knitting material and devour the root of the hair. Although it's not only hair care products, sweat and the body's own natural oils can also enter single hair and damage the hair. Because the strands are very dense, if you wash the monochrome hair system less than other hair systems, or you don't have time to wash your hair as usual during busy periods, you will find that the residue from all products and your own grease will devour the hair and make the hair begin to fall off.


What should people do to prevent their hair from being damaged in this way?


First of all, we need to carefully explain to the customers who purchase the high-quality single base hair replacement system that we need to fully understand the characteristics of the base material and how to maintain and maintain the single base in the right way. Great care and time must be taken when handling this close knit material. It may be difficult for individual customers to thoroughly clean individual equipment, so it's better to go to the local salon or clinic and ask them to clean it for you.


Here are some general tips that salons or clinics can provide for your clients:


Daily hair system wearers should remove and replace the adhesive daily, once a week.

Semi permanent wearers wearing for 1-2 weeks should be "thoroughly cleaned" after removal.

Permanent wearers who often wear high-quality single base should not wear it for more than 4 weeks.

Don't use glue on tape or polygonal areas. This usually provides enough grip to make it comfortable and durable to wear, and this means that cleaning is not a problem.

We recommend that customers use alcohol degumming agent, which is the most popular and effective degumming agent. It can remove residues from hair and human head without damaging them. In addition, we recommend the use of mild solvent based citrus cleansers, which can not only easily remove the wig and viscose, but also will not damage the wig.

Use spray conditioner. Conditioner is very helpful to keep hair, avoid tangles and, of course, keep it soft. But when we talk about clean single hair replacement systems, it's actually very difficult to completely remove conditioner residues. This is because of dense weaving. It's hard to remove the conditioner completely when it enters the tissue. Sometimes we think it's clean, but actually there's still some left in the knitting. We can clean some, but not all. And conditioner is very nutritious. A small amount will cause a lot of bacteria, these bacteria will definitely eat the hair root, we can't stop it. Use spray conditioner to spray directly on the hair. In this way, it nourishes your hair without coming into contact with a fine monochrome base or any other base you may have. What's more, it makes hair maintenance easier and faster, which is very important, because as we all know, everyone lives such a busy life nowadays.


It's important to note that everyone is different and that each scalp is different, so it's best to make sure you have a good understanding of scalp oil and how tight it will stick over a period of several weeks. If your hair looks great, that's great, but proper care and care is crucial.


With the correct maintenance, high quality mono has a long service life. However, as mentioned above, cleaning and maintenance with this special type of substrate may be more laborious. If the customer is not satisfied with the level of care required, we also recommend that you change the base material to lace or skin. Lace has larger holes in the weave, which means it's easier to remove residues from adhesives, conditioner and other products from the hair replacement system, which helps maintain the strength and durability of the hair. In addition to this quality, lace is softer, more breathable and less visible. As for the skin base material, it is the easiest to clean of all materials, with a wide range of thickness and super realistic appearance. However, customers need to bear in mind that lace and skin materials are less durable than fine monochrome substrates.