Toupeec has a large stock of men's hairpieces.

If you are in urgent need of a hair system, this is the best choice.We will introduce the inventory system to you.


All of our stock of men's toupees have a standard base size of 7 "x9" or 8 "X10". Their hair is 6 inches long, slightly wavy and available in a variety of colors.


In terms of basic materials, our inventory system provides three common bases. They can be divided into lace base, skin base and monofilament base. Of course, some models have a combination basis, which can meet different customer needs.


4 grades of skin base:


0.03mm ultra-thin skin bottom. Recently, it's very popular in the United States and Europe. The biggest advantage of ultra-thin skin is its supernatural appearance. We only useV-loop hair on ultra-thin skin. TheV-looped hair is not knotted at all, so it is completely invisible even at close range. If you like the back hairstyle, you won't miss this hairstyle system. Of course, the most difficult to find systems are always less durable. The 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system takes only 3-4 weeks.


If you want a longer service life, but still want to have a supernatural look, you should consider our 0.06mm ultra-thin skin base covered with V-looped hair rings. The only difference is the thickness of the skin. Although the thickness is twice that of 0.03mm, the difference is not obvious, but it can last for 2-3 months. It also applies to brush back styles.


If you want a skin hair system, but long life is your top priority, we recommend that you use a 0.07-0.09mm transparent thin skin hair piece. Due to its natural hairline and durability, it is the most popular skin model in stock. It has a 0.08mm transparent thin skin base, and a V-loop hair is applied in the first quarter inch of the hairline, so the hairline is very natural. The rest of the base is single open knot, making the hair system more durable. You can use glue to stick it to the head, which is also a good choice for people who are using the hair system for the first time. It can last about three to six months.


We also have another skin model in stock, which is 0.08mm-0.12mm transparent thin skin model injected into hair. The injected hair can be injected with the base material without knotting, which makes the hair look natural and vigorous. That's why customers like this model and it lasts about 6-8 months. If you like very flat hair, this model is a good choice. Remember, this hairstyle system works for combs, but it's not the best choice if you want to brush back. For this model, we have three colors #1, #1B and #1A. If you want light hair, you need to customize the order.