Toupeec provides professional head products that meet the industry standards of men's wigs. Men look for excellent choices from our inventory. We provide basic designs and spare wigs, which can be shipped at any time. Whether customers are looking for artificial hair products or choosing human hair products, we have enough ability to provide high-quality products and quality services for men's wig manufacturers.


Custom options


The quality of Toupeec's wig products is well-known, professional knowledge and advanced technology, and the base can be customized, whether it is lace front, full wig base, Mono base or skin base. We can design anything that customers need. Flexible customization and high-quality services are one of the reasons why Toupeec has so many loyal fans and customers in Europe, America and Australia.


Try different looks


No one needs thinning hair to try a new look. Bald men can change their appearance as easily as using a new top hat, hair extension device or full wig with modern hair replacement methods. Mens hair piece is also easy to attach to existing human hair, coupled with a comfortable and safe fit, these toupee wigs are even the right choice for an active lifestyle. Many people have their hairline shifted back or have thinning hair, but after using a custom hair system, there are no longer any troubles related to the appearance of the hair. With custom pieces that increase hair height and color, your customers can more easily find the right hair enhancer.


Check our prices


Our inventory provides a large number of hair piece for men, suitable for any situation, whether it is thinning hair or hair loss, or the hairline that moves back. Contact our email or whatsapp to pay at our discounted price. If your company provides customized hair system piece and toupee wig, we will be the best one-stop service to meet all your needs. We will replenish the stock regularly, and you can order reissue service at any time without worrying about the shortage of hair parts you need.


Custom men's hair system


Toupeec has the resources to provide the best materials for male custom hair replacement systems on the market. We have an experienced team of skilled workers, with first-class craftsmanship and professional knowledge to tailor low-cost high-quality hair system for you. The company has more than 60 professional hair professionals who work together to ensure that high-quality materials are provided for the customized hair replacement system. Your company does not need to worry about poor choices.


Through the dedication and skill manufacturing of our professional hair team, what is delivered to you are quality products. We are committed to being the best brand of hair replacement material solutions. And will continue to develop better new technologies to provide various customized products needed by hair replacement professionals. We understand the importance of providing hair extenders and hair strands that meet your customer's standards. Therefore, we continue to provide the best products for hair styling professionals, including big discounted prices for the most popular products, fast delivery turnaround time for your orders, inventory determination and private customization.


What we offer


Our product lineup includes: hair system, lace system, lace front hair system, mono system and silk top system. We also provide skin hair systems and full wigs.


Hair system


Our ordinary hair system has a variety of colors, lengths and textures. Purchase options to find out if these options are suitable for your business. The high quality of our hair piece wig is just one of the reasons why our products stand out among the many products on the market. We provide an ultra-light and comfortable hair system that can be worn all day even during work, sports or water.


Lace hair systems


We provide hair replacement products that can be customized according to the fit and shape of any head. Tailor-made hair systems can be made so light as to look like natural hair. Our lace hair extension system is lightweight, soft, and comfortable all-weather with almost no weight. With natural and breathable French lace and Swiss lace products, we can provide you with customized options to ensure customer comfort.


Lace front hair systems


For natural-looking hair, the lace front system is a great choice. Toupeec's men's hair system lineup provides professionals with the best lace replacement products that meet the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking for a product with a lace front, a mono product with a lace front or a PU product with a lace front, please check our inventory. There are many choices in stock.


Mono hair systems


Our monofilament long hair system is not only durable, but also has excellent texture and softness. Through the designs we provide, we can provide hairdressing professionals with wigs that are very different in appearance. These mono custom hair systems are very durable. If you want to provide customers with durable, high-quality materials and long-lasting hair systems, and maintain greater hair density, then this is the ideal hair replacement system for men.


Silk top hair systems


More and more men choose high-quality hair replacement systems to replace expensive and risky surgical procedures. Silk Top Systems is one of the most popular natural appearance options. The silk top is lightweight, comfortable and durable, ideal for daily use, and an ideal base for custom hair replacements. The bottom of the silk top is not knotted, so the hair looks like it grows directly from the real scalp. This is why this hair replacement product is more expensive because the technology is much more complicated. It can also provide your customers with a more natural and realistic hairline.


Skin hair system


Obtain a transparent and durable hair replacement system, stock a thin skin and hair system that is easy to bond and clean, reducing customers' worries about hair extensions. Swimming, running or doing high-intensity exercise, nothing can stop this hair system, it still looks great! Shop our ultra-thin men's skin and hair system.


Full wigs


For realistic hair solutions, we offer a variety of options for full-top wigs. Toupeec knows how to provide top-notch supplies for hair loss experts to meet the needs of its customers. We can design the cap according to the shape of any head to ensure it meets the needs of customers. For various reasons, men wear full wigs to replace hair lost due to illness or chemotherapy. Always make the best quality wigs with full caps from stock.


professional service.


Toupeec's business team is proud to provide customers with the best service. If your customers want to change the design or want to use other colors, lengths or textures, please feel free to contact us. We can speak up and provide suggestions to ensure that your customers get the perfect hair product in every aspect.


You can receive our hair replacement anytime


Hair transplant surgery is expensive and the convalescence period is very long. Even if the patient does everything right, there is no guarantee that the hair will flourish or not fall out. Many men with thinning hair or early baldness choose to use the man's hair system to restore the hairline without feeling pain, expense and disappointment.


The professionally made men's hair replacement systems looks natural and does not affect any activities. Any work in the water will not affect your hair and restore the self-confidence of the wearer. Toupee wig is easy to care and style. Using top products to create customized hair replacements can ensure customer satisfaction with the final product and resume business after the life of the hair piece.


Now, men do not have to worry about their early hair loss. We have different types of wigs to meet individual needs.