Toupeec is a manufacturer and supplier of human hair toupee wigs and skin hair systems, one of the famous brand companies. Our customers are all over the United States, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Africa and Asia. If you are looking for a skin hair system wholesaler, Toupeec is the right choice for you! We provide the best skin hair pieces for wholesale customers and individual users.

Wholesale skin hair system Faced with men and women with hair loss, there are many ways to regain confidence and regain beauty and fashion. To purchase hair enhancers or perform hair transplants, Toupeec recommends that you use the skin hair replacement system.

With the skin hair system, your customers can get the natural hairline they want, and we provide any hair styling, saving you time and cost. If you need a large number of skin hair systems, Toupeec has a variety of men's hair piece toupee for you to choose from, whether it is straight hair or curly hair, we have everything in stock and accept customization.


For Toupeec's hair, we provide V-looped or injection skin hair system for your choice, so that your customers have natural hairline.


We know that the skin hair system cannot bring long-lasting use time, and skin hair replacement makes the top of your head unable to breathe and feel stuffy. This is why our Super Skin Hair Replacement System was introduced. It has a thickness of 0.08-0.12mm, which can be used for 5-8 months, and for breathability, we have regular small holes on the thick skin to improve the heat dissipation of the skin system!


In this way, you not only have a hair system that can last for more than half a year, but also a super skin hair system for only $129. The Super Skin Hair System not only retains the original advantages of skin replacement, is easy to care for and clean, maintains the color of your head, and obtains the high durability and breathability characteristics of the net bottom base. With an amazing price, it must be your best s Choice!


Many options High-quality skin hair pieces have real skin colors and create natural hairline to meet the needs and budgets of discerning customers. The hair stylist can customize it as needed, or contact Toupeec to trim your hairstyle. The personalized hair system provides customers with wearable and washable items that can be tailored to their preferences. The sophisticated hair replacement system imitates natural hair and provides an imperceptible hairline, with a natural look and feel, without affecting your daily life, work, entertainment, sports and attending important occasions. The top materials exceed the requirements in terms of quality and durability.


The SuperSkin System can restore your customers' confidence in losing their hair. We promise We know the importance of finding the right material to make the perfect skin hair system to maintain real life. We provide a wide range of material choices for hair replacement systems, which are the materials that professional skin hair system manufacturers should provide. The right hair system can not only cover sparse hair or hairline, but it can also make your clients look good, and it can make yourself and the hairline (or no hairline) feel better. Men experiencing hair loss can damage their mood, self-confidence and self-image.


Many people choose painful and expensive hair transplant surgery, even unable to guarantee the effect of the transplant, or the hair falls off again after transplantation. For many men with hair loss and their wallets, getting the correct hair replacement solution is a crucial step. This is why, non-surgical hair replacement have become the first choice for more and more bald men!


Why choose Toupeec as a wholesale skin hair system supplier No one wants to be treated differently by others, especially when the focus is on the top of the head. However, when men and women begin to lose hair, it is difficult to avoid. For whatever reason, people are worried about their appearance. Even men do not want to be bald or have a short hairline and become the most special one in the group, so they must buy hair products and not show our baldness.

Hair experts can browse our skin base men's hair systems to find out the best choice for their customers. With the right wholesale skin hair system, even men and women who are active can lead a normal life. Having a safe hair system can enhance their self-confidence. Professionally produced toupee wig can eliminate the pressure of men’s hair and eliminate the problem of unstoppable hair loss. Salons, wig makers, hairdressing clinics, hair replacement distributors and other hairstylists can check out the hair replacement solutions provided by Toupeec.


As a manufacturer of wholesale skin systems, our skin hair system products are widely popular, we accept customization, and can provide your customers with effective methods to eliminate the negative impact of hair loss on their lives, improve male charm, and enhance confidence! If you are facing a hair loss problem and are looking for the best male hair loss system in the world, then you have come to the right place. At Toupeec, we do our best to help every man who needs hair!