In the past few days, some new customers have asked what is the ideal wearing time for a mens toupee hair.


As for how often to take it, it depends on your preferences and other factors.


Some customers don't like to wear a mens toupee hair to sleep. They remove the hair toupee at night and apply it again the next morning before going out. If you remove it every day, you don't need to remove the tape to wash your hair every time. Leave the strap on it and put it on the next morning.



If you sweat or exercise frequently, we recommend that you take it off and wash it frequently.



If your skin is oily, in order to prolong its life, you'd better remove it and wash your hair frequently.



The skin hair toupee can be worn for a long time because the liquid adhesive can be applied directly. The liquid adhesive is very strong, allowing more than a month of wear before it needs to be disassembled.


For lace hair toupee, it is not good to apply liquid adhesive directly on the base, it is best to apply tape on the base first. Generally, tapes are not as durable as liquid adhesives. When you feel that the mens toupee is not as tight as before, it's time to remove the toupee for men.


You can use these techniques to decide how often you take off mens toupee hair


By the way, there are different types of tapes with different wear times. Some are suitable for daily wear, some are suitable for 3-7 days, and some are suitable for half a month or longer. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, there will always be something suitable for you.