Thin skin hair pieces are toupees made of polyurethane, which is a synthetic, muscle-toning material designed to blend with the wearer's scalp. Thin skin hair pieces need regular cleaning and proper storage to maintain their shape and appearance. If the care is done properly, the hair pieces may last for one year of daily use, and if the care is not done properly, the hair pieces may be destroyed in a short period of time. Some customers encounter various skin pieces problems in daily use. So today, we will share a good way to care for the thin skin hair pieces.


First, at night or when the hair pieces is not worn, place the hair pieces on the toupees holder to maintain its shape.


Second, brush the short hair pieces with a ventilating brush or comb the long hair pieces with a wide-tooth comb every day.


Third, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner to the hair pieces at night.


Fourth, wash and wash your hair when it feels dry and heavy. Before washing your hair, apply a little conditioner and water evenly to your hair, then use a comb or brush to remove it. Next, use warm or cold water to moisten, wash, condition and rinse your hair. Shorten the washing time as much as possible. The skin cannot withstand prolonged water soaking.


Fifth, dry the hair pieces with a towel and let it air dry to keep it soft.


More importantly, because polyurethane is not breathable, the thin skin hair pieces is not recommended for use in sports or hot climates.