When looking for non-surgical hair replacement solutions, you will find that the terms toupees , hairpieces and hair system are almost interchangeable .The hair system is very modern, you can think of it as a toupee or wig, but it can be fixed to the top of the scalp with glue or tape, and then integrated with the back and sides of the hair. But what is a toupee made of? Well, please read on to find out and help you better understand the feasibility of this specific hair loss solution.


First, you need to understand that the hair system or toupee has two components: the base and the hair. Let's look at the latter. Hair systems can provide a high level of realism, which usually starts with hair. We use real human hair. At Toupeec, we provide you with different types of personal hair, among which Indian hair is the most popular choice. This is the hair we used on the inventory model. Hair quality is particularly important for some people, so we also offer remy hair, which is considered to be the highest quality hair in all human beings. With the right hair color and density due to the use of human hair, your own hair blends seamlessly with the hair of the hair system. Synthetic or fake hair is possible for us, but we don't recommend it. In fact, we only recommend it for white hair because it retains gray better than human white hair.


The base is another major component of the toupee hair piece. It's based on the materials we use to fix our hair on, and there are a variety of materials. The three names you often hear about basic materials are lace, skin and mono. Lace, like the decorative dress you may find, is handmade by us. Exquisite, because of its fidelity and lightness and popular. Skin is another material to use. It's made of polyurethane, very thin, lightweight and transparent. It will look like a scalp when you wear a base cream. Therefore, it is another material with a highly realistic appearance. In fact, some of our skin bases are only 0.03mm thick. Lace and skin have a highly natural appearance, but they are not durable materials. Finally, mono. Mono is short for man-made monofilament. The mono on our hair system will look like a fine mesh, so it's somewhat like lace. But it's much stronger than lace and skin, so it can be used in our more durable toupee wigs.



If you browse dozens of different toupees on our website, you will find that many of them are combinations of different basic materials. A skin top with a lace front is a popular choice, or you may see a single top with a skin perimeter. Different people have different needs and preferences. That's why we let you customize your hair system as much as you want, which means you can choose which parts of the base consist of the type and style of hair you want, that is, choose the exact curl and wavy or hair length.


To get a more intuitive view of our toupees, check out our non-surgical hair replacement videos, or check out our YouTube channel. We would be happy to solve any other problems for you, or describe our hair system in more detail. So just contact through our contact page or email to sales1@toupee.com