The hair system, hairpieces, wigs and even toupees are the same, aren't they? Well, that's not the case. Confused? Well, let's try to explain it for you.


The fact is that they often overlap. Hairpiece (or hair piece) is the most common term because it can be used to talk about any artificial hair cover applied to the head. Hair extensions, clip-in bangs or fringes and wigs are examples of hairpieces.


Today, when looking for the best way to cover your head, you may encounter the term 'hair system' or 'hair replacement system'. This is an all embracing term that the hairdressing industry now tends to refer to hair (whether it's human or artificial). It's attached to a certain base that people usually wear to cover up partial or total hair loss. Therefore, hairpieces and toupees (also known as toupée) are types of hair systems.


Wigs are designed to sit on bare heads or on existing hair, which has existed since ancient times. You'll see them in your local clothing store or in a British court. Nowadays, wigs have become a kind of female beauty accessories.



Toupees are usually associated with men and can be worn to cover hair loss. However, the term seems to be a bit out of date, and it gradually deviates from the daily language because it often brings negative meaning to people. The hair replacement industry has come a long way since:


The advent of technology has revolutionized the industry, and hair systems are now almost undetectable. Today's hair systems are usually glued or taped to the shaved scalp, which means they can be worn continuously, while traditional wigs can be worn directly on existing hair. It may be for this reason that the industry prefers to use the more modern term "hair system" and why most people (especially men) refer to their hairpieces as hair systems rather than toupees or wigs.


In short, when we talk about long-term continuous use of wigs on the scalp, we prefer to talk about the hair system; while wigs on the top of the head are temporary use.


However, no matter what position you want on your head, we are ready for you at Toupeec, so please continue to check our male and female hair systems. If you still need further clarification, please feel free to go to our social media page or Contact us on our website.