For those who regularly wear a toupee, the thin skin hair system has become one of the most popular mens hairpiece in the human hair replacement system industry.

    Mainly because the thin skin toupee is easy to wear and remove, using v-looped process, the bottom of all toupees mens hair pieces are made of thin skin PU, you can apply glue or tape accessories anywhere, these scalps also provide the wearer with an extremely natural appearance.

thin skin mens toupee human hairpiece system sale online

    There are three main categories of our skin mens hair units, such as:
1. 0.03 ultra thin skin toupee, they are the thinnest mens hair system in the world and can hold 80%-100% hair density. Also because they are thin, this also means less durability, so ultra thin skin hairpieces may only last about four to six weeks before needing a new best hair replacement system. Therefore, these hair units for men are more commonly used as disposable toupee wigs.

2. 0.04-0.06 thin skin toupeehair system, this is the most common and common mens hair piece that lasts longer if maintained well, it also has a 1/2 inch French lace front and a completely invisible knots to help create a natural look and a realistic front hairline.

3. 0.07-0.15 thick skin toupee, which is a thicker hair, can carry higher density human hair, can last for a long time, and has relatively high durability. It is also because it is thicker, so it is not particularly comfortable to wear than before.

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