In order to solve the problem of baldness, most men choose to buy a more comfortable full lace toupee, but the entire bottom of the toupee mens hair units are made of French lace or Swiss lace, which is very soft to the touch. It is more troublesome, and it will damage the lace if you are not careful.

    So in order to solve this problem, a replacement Q6 lace front with PU toupee mens hair system was created.
Q6 lace front with PU toupee replacement hairpiece for men

    The bottom of the Q6 hairpieces toupee for men is a combination of lace and the front PU part, the Q6 toupee wig is fully breathable, and the thin PU perimeter and bottom allow easy and firm attachment of attachments, clips can be added, and it is also very easy to maintain and clean.

    The Q6 toupee human hair system for men allows you to experience the benefits of both lace and PU, and as the weather warms up, it may be just what you need.

    The toupee mens hairpiece is made with a bleached button process, the bleached knot is great, it perfectly mimics the color gradation of our hair from root to tip, it looks more natural and realistic, so no one can say you're actually wearing it is the mens hair replacement system.

    The base size of the Q6 toupee human hair pieces are the standard 8x10", which we also offer 6x8", 7x8",7x9".The standard length of the Q6 lace front with PU mens hair replacement system is 6 inches, and also offers a wide variety of haircut services, we will have a professional hairstylist to cut it for you

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