If you are suffering from hair loss and are dissatisfied with the concept of "baldness is also beautiful", you can find a solution online.

Well, you will find some advertisements about hair transplant surgery, miraculous pills and anti-loss drugs and even reversing hair loss, and hair replacement systems.

If you can't afford expensive hair transplants and doubt the effects of drugs, you may want to choose a delicate hair replacement system.

Purchasing a suitable hair replacement system can be a big challenge, especially if you are using it for the first time. Use the following questions to understand how the hair replacement system can completely change your life.


1. Hair replacement system and hair transplant surgery


Hair transplant surgery can replace balding hair, but it cannot avoid future hair loss, and it costs a lot of money. If you choose a hair replacement system, you won't worry about hair thinning or more hair loss in the future.


2. Does the hair system look really natural?


Hair replacement systems have far surpassed the toupees of the past. Today's hair system is so artistic and technologically advanced that they are almost imperceptible. Old wigs with unnatural front lines, unparalleled color and density will embarrass the person in front of you. However, a high-quality hair replacement system, which is completely customized to an individual, made of human hair and an ultra-fine, breathable base, will not be able to distinguish yourself. In addition, choosing high-quality adhesives and accessories will avoid any obvious wear and tear on your hair system.


3. My current hair condition is not very serious, should I wear a hair system?


If you don't want anyone to notice your hair loss, then you should resolve it as soon as possible. From thinning hair to full head hair overnight, it's like telling someone what you are wearing.


4. Does the hair system always look the same?


A high-quality hair replacement system that can withstand any cut, color or style. If you want to try different colors or hairstyles, you can work with your hair stylist to create the different hairstyle systems you want. If you want to insist on using it to maintain your "look", that's also great.


5. Will my hair system change with age?


If you choose to wear a hair system, you must want it to be as real and natural as possible. Don't worry, your hair replacement stylist will work hard to make your hair system age suitable for your wishes and match your own hair color. For men, as they grow older, it may be appropriate to reduce the number of hair according to their hair quality.


6. Can I do some exercise or even swim while I am wearing the hair system?


Of course you can! You can swim, bathe or exercise while wearing the hair system. As long as you follow the advice of others, you will not damage it.


7. How long can I leave the system on?


Well, it will depend on many factors, such as your attachment method, the product you choose, how long you like to keep it, and how your body responds to the adhesive. Generally speaking, everyone can achieve a different hold time. Everyone produces different body chemicals, such as scalp oil, sweating or itching. A person who is more active in exercise can have a shorter hold time, because the release of sweat from salt, oil, and bacteria can greatly affect the adhesive. In addition, people with oily skin need to remove his/her system frequently.


8. What is the difference between custom and stock hair system?


It is easy to understand that the custom hair system is specially designed to fit the individual's head. It is created "string by string" according to the individual's exact hair density, hairline and color. Since everyone has their own unique hair loss pattern and head shape, a custom hair system can create a more natural and imperceptible appearance. Inventory hair system is to buy'off the shelf', but it will need to be cut to size, shorten the life expectancy of the hair system, you will not have various options, custom hair pieces are provided. A custom-made hair system usually takes several weeks, so you'd better place an order in advance. As for the stock hair system, you can get it with the order.