If your main preference for your hair system is to look natural, the full lace base mens hair pieces are just what you need. They provide the most realistic and natural look, not just the front hairline. Plus, these full lace wigs for men are breathable, perfect for those who are active, sporty, or in warmer areas.

Full lace base Toupee hairpiece system for men human hair toupee unit sale online

    A full lace toupee hair unit is one in which the entire bottom of the hairpiece or the entire head is covered with the same French or Swiss lace. Brazilian human hair is crafted knotted into the lace, allowing you to glue the entire wig for men to the head, not just the front. This may require different types of glue or tape to work with, fortunately, you can buy a range of hair replacement system tool kits from our website.

    All of our mens Toupee systems are very durable, but since full lace mens hairpieces fit completely on the head, they tend to be more durable. Sometimes the wearer even wears the full lace replacement hairpiece to go swimming and to go to the gym to work out without worrying about the wig falling off or getting damaged.

Full lace base toupee hairpiece for men on sale online

    But generally speaking, if you are a beginner toupee wearer, most people will choose the lace front toupee. Since there may only be part of the top of your head available for wearing hair, they can be considered easier to wear and sometimes more comfortable than a full lace toupee hairpiece. Full lace wigs for men require a human hair cap because you have to attach the entire hair unit to your head. But if you don't wear a hairpiece cap because you're just sticking the front down, you don't need a toupee cap for men. It's all about depending on where and when you wear the hairpiece, a more comfortable and breathable toupee hairpiece may be a better choice.

    You can have many different types of hairstyles with full lace wigs for men, we course also offer haircuts, just choose at the time of purchase.

    Again, you have to decide what type of toupee hair you want to wear and what suits you best. Toupee helps us feel confident, and when you feel good, you look like the perfect gentleman! Shop our full selection of lace or other collections today, or contact us for more information!