Many customers asked us about the difference between the injected hair systems. Knowing them, they can make informed decisions about the right hair system. Here, we want to share this knowledge with you.




An injectable hair system is a wig that injects hair into the skin or onto a silicon substrate, which is not available on a lace substrate. The injectable hair systems we make are "flat" and "lift" injection systems.


What is the difference between flat injected hair system and lift injected hair system?


Flat injection hair system:




The hair is injected into the skin or silicon substrate at an acute angle, i.e. the hair is not perpendicular to the substrate. In the picture below, you can see that the hair root is not perpendicular to the foundation, it will naturally fall in one direction. In fact, hair can only be combed in one direction, not in the opposite direction. Even if you don't comb it, it stays in the same direction. The skin base is usually thin and soft. The flat injected hair system is suitable for most parts except Pombal.




Enhance the injected hair system:




The hair is injected into the skin or silicone substrate at right angles, i.e. the hair is perpendicular to the substrate. So you can comb your hair in any direction. Hair looks fluffy and thick, suitable for all kinds of hairstyles, including pombadou. The base material of a raised injectable hair system is usually thicker than that of a flat injectable hair system, so the base can firmly fix the hair root. That is to say, the ultra-thin skin base or ultra-thin skin base cannot be used to make the hair system of lift injection.





In other words, if you want to use thinner skin, choose a flat, injectable hair system. If you want your hair to move in any direction, the lift injection hair system will be your ideal choice.