Both toupee for men are great for covering bald spots, so which one should you opt for a Thin Skin toupee hair or a Full Lace hair pieces for men? Are you still worried about which type of Toupee to buy? And after we have collected a lot of information, we have carefully compared the differences between the two hair system for you.

    The thin skin hair replacement for men is constructed of polyurethane with a firm touch at the base, and as one of the most popular types of non-surgical mens hair pieces, the thin skin toupee hair is resistant to water, sweat, and air. The smooth surface won't make you feel irritated or itchy. And the hair systems are light and look natural on your head with a nice hairline look.

    The full lace mens hair replacement is very friendly for people who love sports and sweat a lot. The bottom is made of all lace, which is highly breathable, light, and soft, and will not cause adverse allergic reactions to the scalp. We artificially knot the hair at the bottom, and all hair systems for men are lightly bleached knots before leaving the factory, so those buckles are very small and difficult to detect. It can be further divided into Swiss and French lace men's wig.

    The lace male hair achieves ventilation through knotting, while the thin skin mens hair systems achieve it through V-looped. Thin skin mens hair piece has a shorter lifespan than lace men toupee. The former lasts about 2-3 months, the latter about 3-4 months. Thin skin mens long hair wig has a better front hairline than lace men's toupees, and lace hairpieces for men are more breathable than thin skin mans wig.

    We believe you can decide to buy a thin skin mens hairpiece or full lace men's hair piece. If you're still not sure, you can look for different men's hairpieces in Toupeec online store.