Toupee hair is ideal for men who are struggling with hair loss or have poor hair quality. There are many types of male wigs, and there is more than one way to wear them, but the type and way of wearing men wig have a negligible impact on hair growth.

1. Braided Wig

    Cheap braided wigs vary in quality and price. Customers can also choose from a variety of mechanical best human hair wigs bases. The base of these mens human hair wigs is usually post-treated to allow the scalp and underlying hair to breathe. It won't hinder hair growth unless you wear it wrong.

2. Hand Tied Wig

    Many high-quality hair pieces for thinning hair, whether made from artificial or 100% human hair, are hand-tied to a lace mesh base. This ensures good ventilation. Ventilation of the hairpieces for men is important because too little ventilation can lead to prolonged blockage of the hair follicles. For example, full lace toupee wig is artificially knotted with human hair at the bottom of the lace, which is very breathable.

3. Hair Toupee Accessories

    Most short haircuts for older men toupee are medium-sized, like 6x8,7x9,7x10,8x10 size. Can be worn by most clients. An adjustable base is also available to accommodate different head sizes.The wrong-wearing method can cause scalp irritation and hair tangles, which can lead to growth problems. Moreover, the thin skin hair system can be cut to any size you want, but we do not recommend reducing the full lace mens hair pieces to other sizes so that the lace texture will be damaged.

4. Wig Glue

    Lace bottom fake hair for men is usually applied to the hairline with products such as toupee glue or tape. With repeated use and removal, these products can cause thinning of your hair or baldness at the hairline. These effects may be irreversible.