Monofilament toupee are high-quality hair pieces for men that allow air to flow through and keep the hat cool, creating a natural look. Its hat is made of a thin mesh nylon material called monofilament toupee hair. There are two production techniques: monofilament knitting and monofilament knitting.

    Unlike traditional hair toupees, a monofilament hair replacement system allows you to sew one 100% human hair or several real human hairs into the mens hair systems cap at a time. This allows the hair to grow naturally from the scalp, allowing the hair toupee to show off your scalp along the lines of the natural part of the hairstyle, making the monofilament hair system almost indistinguishable from natural hair.

    Typical monofilament mens hair pieces are of much higher quality than standard hat hair replacement for men and usually result in a more natural look, depending on the desired hairstyle.

    Each hair in the monofilament mens hairpieces is hand-sewn into a translucent mesh material, even for the most curious onlooker.

    And the monofilament technique requires less human hair to be sewn into the hair unit cap. So monofilament mens hair toupee appears less bulky and the cap has less volume, allowing the hair to be very flat and close to the head.

    This way for monofilament mens human hair wigs are usually lighter in weight than standard hats, which creates more airflow through the men wigs, providing the advantage of lightness and ventilation.