Buying toupee hair in bulk means buying a lot of mens hair replacement products in one order. If you're buying at least 20 mens wigs for your salon, you're buying in bulk. With the rise of cross-border trade, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of toupee for men around the world, so how to choose high-quality and reliable suppliers has become a headache for many businesses. 

    If you are buying more than 5 hair systems, the price and cost advantages of buying in bulk are incomparable to individual purchases, often wholesale prices from all suppliers will be much lower than retail prices, save by buying hair replacement for men in bulk Lots of shipping and unit price.

    At present, there are many online stores, factories, wholesalers, and purchasing channels around the world that support the bulk purchase of toupee, but in many places,mens wig direct sellers are actually distributors, and the selling price is twice the original price, and they earn the difference. Then the easiest way to get the best discount is to buy directly from the manufacturer.

    According to data analysis, Chinese hair pieces for men exports account for more than 70% of the global supply. Toupeec is one of the leading companies specializing in wholesale mens hair pieces. The company is located in Qingdao, China. It was established in 2011 and has been active in the hair replacement service industry for more than ten years. It has a very complete hairpiece manufacturing process and has hundreds of stock hair systems for men available to choose from.

    Toupeec is different from third-party online stores. We have been pursuing brand marketing for a day for decades, and we are pursuing to create our own heaven in overseas markets. Similarly, we also support private customization. If you choose Toupeec as your supplier, then you will get one-stop service of brand marketing, such as labeling, packaging bag customization. In order to give your clients the most natural look and variety of styles, we recommend that you buy full lace toupees in bulk. Each 100% human hair is individually sewn onto a lace mesh cap using a hand knotting technique and is considered the most comfortable and breathable male wigs

    If you're just getting into the men hair business, here's a look at the types of hairstyles for older men with thinning hair that are widely available in salons and retailers around the world:

    Skin Base Toupee Wig: The base is made from a thin blend of PU material, and is V-looped on the forehead to create an area of ​​air circulation that looks like real human hair is growing out of the scalp.

    Full Lace mens hair replacement: The bottom is completely made of French lace or Swiss lace, which is breathable and comfortable, suitable for people who sweat and exercise a lot, allowing the scalp to get full breath.

    Monofilament Mens Hair Systems: are the most durable hairpieces in the hair systems and are made of polyester or super strong mesh material. Can be maintained for at least half a year.

    Men lace front wig: The whole toupee only has lace on the front, and the back may be skin base or monofilament base, allowing you to feel the advantages of both materials at the same time, looking natural and breathable.

    Toupeec offers a 30-day return or exchange service if you have any dissatisfaction with the service or hair pieces for men products.